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By: Patty Rothe, 

Rotary Newsletter Editor


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Presiding: Pres. Ian Webb

Prayer: Richard Coyan

Piano: Ellery Elick

Intros: Connie Chamberlain

Song: Jim Hooks - "Grandfather's Clock" & "Hail, Rotary"

Absentees: Beavers, Craig Brown, Crawford, Dailey, Davis, Dan Delong, Ewing, Foll, Irwin, Bob Liggett, Maroscher, Mavis, McCrady, Pelcic, Radcliff, Rainey, Riegel, Scherer, Sigmon, Stevens, Stout, Matt Tootle, Vickers, White, Yaniga

Make ups: None

Visiting Rotarians: None

Guests: Rob Radcliff, by Earl Palm.

Student Guests: Andrea Brown, Guidance Counselor at Westfall High School, introduced Hyden Hovermale.

January birthdays: 5th - Bob Tootle; 22nd - Dave Webb; 23rd - Clark Cellio, Jenny Rainey; 24th - Fred Mavis; 25th - Wayne Vickers; 31st - Carly Neff

January anniversaries: 3rd - Tad Grover; 7th - Bob Mabe

Happy Dollars: None

Lottery: Roger Wolfe was this week's winner of $17, but the golden pebble remained hidden. The jackpot is now $145.


  • Gary Montgomery: The next Community Kitchen event is on 01/28/19. Food prep starts at 3:30; food service begins at 5. This event is held on the 4th Monday of every month. Volunteers will be warmly welcomed!
  • Sister Monica: 02/06/19 is a Bingo event at Wyngate
  • Charlie Hedges: Gave update on Rotary Foundation, & reminded us of the Club 125.
  • Ellery: Rural-Urban Day will be the last Thursday in February (02/28/19), starting at 11:30AM. This is a great opportunity to invite a guest, especially someone involved in the farming/ag business.
  • Via flyer: This year the Rotary International Convention will be in Hamburg, Germany. Registration has begun, and a link can be found on the District's webpage.

*New member inducted: John Bialey of Bialey Corporation. John was sponsored by Sam Shapiro.

SAA: Jean Droste

  • Rotary member personal trivia

Program: Richard Bowling introduced Brad Flemming, Deputy United States Marshal. Brad spoke on behalf of the US Marshal Service (USMS). Brad has been stationed in the Columbus USMS office since 2010. He has also been a Tatical Medic with USMS Operational Medical Support Unit since 2014.

Brad notes that his military career includes being a Captain in US Army 92nd Engineer Battalion, in Ft Stewart, GA (2005-2009), Captain in US Army Reserves 412th Civil Affairs Battalion, Columbus, OH (2010-2013), and Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom (2006-2007). 

Originally from Keyser, WV, Brad received his BS in Agriculture from the West Virginia University in 2005. He was also a graduate of the WVU Army ROTC program.


  • "The nation's oldest and most versatile federal law enforcment agency."
  • Listed off the many services that they offer, such as fugitive services, domestic & international investigations, technical operations group, criminal intelligence branch, sex offender investigations branch, etc.
  • Discussed the Adam Walsh Act, which refers to pursuing sexual offenders.
  • Domestic Investigations: 15 Most Wanted; Major Cases; District & Regional Fugitive Task Forces, Membership in other Joint Task Forces
  • Local level: 28 employees, 1 medic, 1 K-9 Bomb office; 4 offices, with one task force in each office
  • Major Task Forces allow them to join in on the national level on certain cases
  • Mentioned some of the more famous cases in which USMS was involved
  • Financial Surveillance Unit: tracks criminals by their financial transactions
  • Liaison Positions: Work with Interpol, Mexican, & Canadian authories.
  • Foreign Fugitives: Focuses on getting criminals back to the appropriate countries
  • Technical Operations Group: Using technical equipment, such as drones, thermal imagining, etc. to apprehend criminals
  • Criminal Intelligence Branch: "The guys in Washington working in offices. Not in the field." They work on location leads via social media, familial connections, trending topics, etc.
  • Judicial Security Division: Personal protection of the Federal Judicial buildings & judges
  • Office of Protective Intelligence: "Data churners." Provides 24/7 protection by monitoring for possible threats to the federal judiciary members
  • Prisoner Operations Division: "Hold no prisoners organically, but might house them temporarily."
  • Office of Emergency Management: Coordinate & support the local agencies
  • Explosives Dectection Canine Program: "This is the group that puts in the most hours."
  • Special Operations Group: Tier I group; highly trained & well equipped; dont get the recognition they deserve.
  • Strategic National Stockpile security operations: Protect our medical capabilities, immunizations, & medical stockpiles.
  • Witness Protection program Services: They do occasionally relocate witnesses with new idenetities, but usually it is supplying protection details to witnesses while involved in a criminal case.
  • Jutice Prisoner & Alien Transportation Systems: "Con-Air"

In appreciation of this year's speakers sharing their time & efforts, donations to the Pickaway County Dog Shelter will be made in their names.

January programs:

17th - AFS Foreign Exchange Student Program

24th - "Are employers prepared for medical marijuana?", by Kofi Semenya

31st - Uptown Circleville updates, by Kevin Douglas & Brenna Gibson

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