* 01/12/2017 | Rotary Club of Circleville, Ohio, USA | Joseph G. McNemar


Presiding: Pres. Chris Mullins

Prayer: Warren Spangler

Piano: Ellery Elick

Intros: Don McIlroy

Song: Jim Hooks, "Wiffenpoof Song" and “We Are Rotary"

Absentees: Connie, Dolly, Gary D., Dan D., Jean, DJ, Dick F., Charles G., Larry H., Jack, Sr. Monica, Codi, Bob L., Bob M., Gerhard, Gary M., Dave M., Carly, Patty, Todd, Bill S., Tim Tener, Tim Throckmorton, Wayne, Tim W

Make-ups: None

Visiting Rotarians: None

Guests: Gary Joiner, with Ellery Elick; Jennifer Banney with Earl Palm

January birthdays: 5th - Bob Tootle; 13th - Jim River, Carly Neff; 22nd - Dave Webb; 23rd - Roger Wolfe, Clark Cellio; 24th - Fred Mavis; 25th - Wayne Vickers; 26th - Mike Dutton

January anniversaries: 3rd - Tad Grover; 4th - Tim Throckmorton; 7th - Bob Mabe

Student guests:  Jonathan Davis from Circleville High School introduced Dalton Lynn and Alexa Long.


  • Pres. Chris read a thank you note from Lisa Lightle of Westfall Elementery for the Dictionary Project donations.
  • Charlie Hedges presented a Paul Harris +6 pin to Dick Patrrick for his contributions to the Rotary Foundation.

SAA: Bob Tootle

  • Gary Scherer was fined for a variety of reasons, including the Governor’s veto of the Trees to Textbooks bill.
  • Don McIlroy for his daughter’s basketball performance
  • Craig and Joe Brown for the OCU men’s basketball record
  • Vince Yaniga for his retirement and the new director of SPVMH’s need to make a lot of changes
  • Ellery Elick for Toys for Tots
  • Dwight Radcliff and Judy Wolford for DARE
  • Tad Grover for his wedding anniversary
  • All members of high school or college wrestling teams, especially Dave Webb for the origin of the “Pretty Boy Dave” wrestler

Lottery:  Ben Reynolds had the winning tickets and received $15.  Since the golden bean was not drawn, the jackpot is now $303.

Intro:  Bob Sneed

Speaker(s): Steve Helwagen is a native of Circleville and 1986 graduate of Circleville High School. He graduated from The Ohio State University with a BA in Journalism in 1990.

He began covring high school sports for The Circleville Herald in 1987 and started covering OSU athletics for The Lantern student newspaper a year later. After graduation, he spent three years as the sports editor at The Herald and then two years at the editor of The Urbana Daily Citizen. For nine years he was the editor of Buckeye Sports Bulletin.

He moved to Bucknuts Media Network in 2003. He helped build the Bucknuts.com site into one of the largest in the Scout.com network and then into its current position as the largetst site in the 247Sports.com network.

During his career, Helwagen has been recognized in best writing contest sponsored by the Football Writers Association of America, the U.S. Basketball Writers Association and the Ohio Associated Pres.

He has also served as an OSU football analyst for Channel 4 and 6, Time Warner Cable, 97.1The Fan and 610 WTVN.

He and his wife, Amy Hoovler, live in Pataskala with their three children.


Steve feels lucky in making it here today. It is near his anniversary and he recalls that January when it was -20 degrees here (and +80 when he got to Cancun for his honeymoon). Today it is in the 60’s. Not bad for January.

He remarked on being among so many friends and aquaintenances. This comes from his time living and working in Circleville. After six years at The Herald, he went to Ohio State and really hasn’t left.

In covering OSU, he has been to 26 states. He has only missed three OSU football games since 1994. In that time, much has changed. It used to be that the only coverage was the newspaper or radio. Now everyone uses their smart phone to keep up-to-date. There is also a new school to follow with Luke Fickle and Torrence Gibson at the University of Cincinnati. 

Steve has written two books. The first covered the 2002 Championship game. The other is about the amazing process of the 2014 season.

There was not much to say about the 2016 playoff game. Te one thing Steve noted is that after the 2013 season when the defense was bad that Urban Myer “blew up” the defense. Does that mean that he will blow up the offense after the 2016 season. Steve thinks yes.

For 2017 there will be four starters back on both the offensive and defensive line. There will also be more games on Fox instead of so much on ESPN or ABC.

As for basketball, the team is not getting a lot accomplished so there either needs to be a turnaround or some changes will be made.

In answer to questions, Steve noted that J.T. Barrett’s season was not good. He noted a fall off in fundamentals, but also the line, the receivers, and the routes they ran were to blame. There is no question that the OSU season was driven by the defense.

College football has become a major business. In this industry, many have made a good living, but what has the effect been on the student-athletes?

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January program schedule (submitted by Bob Sneed)

19th: Heath Hinton, OSU Football

26th: Community Read; Dreamland

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