* 02/09/2017 | Rotary Club of Circleville, Ohio, USA | Joseph G. McNemar


Presiding: Chris Mullins

Prayer: Harry Canfield

Piano: Don Metzler

Intros: Warren Spangler

Song: Norm Wilson, "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" & "Sing Rotarians"

Absentees: Applegate, Beavers, Craig Brown, Connie Chamberlain, Coyan, Crespo, Davis, Droste, Elsea, Ewing, Charley Gerhardt, Halm, Jack Hooks, Justinger, Kowalski,  Lewis, Bob Liggett, Mavis, Moss, Palm, Radcliff, Reynolds, Scherer, Stevens, Stout, Tener, Throckmorton, Matt Tootle, Vickers, Williams, Yaniga

Make-ups: Central Melbourne - Judy Wolford; Jackson - Fred Mavis

Visiting Rotarians: None

Guests: Gary Joiner, by Ellery Elick

Proposed Membership: Gary Joiner submitted his membership request.  Gary is the Mayor of Commercial Point, and shows that his membership classification as "insurance investigation."  His activities are listed as such: "public servant community volunteer."  Ellery Elick is his sponsoring Rotarian.  If there are any questions/comments regarding this proposal, please contact Drexel Poling.

February birthdays: 3rd - Joe McNemar; 9th - Richard Coyan; 10th - Don McIlroy; 11th - Norm Wilson;14th - Ian Webb

February anniversaries: 6th - Don McIlroy; 8th - Robert Cole; 21st - Carly Neff

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Student guests: Andrea Brown, Guidance Counselor of Westfall, introduced students: Alan Nair, Ryan Purdue, & Anna Pettenski.

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Lottery: Ned Schreiner had the winning tickets and received $16 .  Since the golden bean was not drawn, the jackpot is now $364.


  • Dave Webb: On 02/22/17 will be the After Hours Rotary Mixer at the Visitor's Center from 5-7PM; catered by BW's restaurant, and some brews from The Elevator. It is also our club's 95th anniversary
  • 02/11/17: Haven House's annual Valentine's Day dinner fundraiser.  Please see Pres. Chris for details, or contact Haven House directly.
  • Vince Yaniga: 25th Anniversary session of our club's Rotary 4-Way Speech Contest will be on 03/16/17 at 5pm at Berger's Community Room.
  • Gary Montgomery: 4-H is taking over the next Community Kitchen on 02/27/17, so our club's volunteers are not needed for February.
  • Rural Urban Day will be on 02/23/17 at Presbyterian Church.  Sign-up sheet is being passed around the room. Speaker is the manager of Farm Science Review.
  • Ian Webb: "Raise Your Paw" event for Circleville City School Foundation is on 02/25/17 at AMVETS.  This event is CCSF's primary fundraiser, and helps to fund programs such as Robotics, & field trips to The Stone Lab on Lake Erie and the Columbus Museum of Art.  Tickets are only $25 each, and the doors open at 5PM.  There will be food from local restaurants, cash bar, live auction, and Silent & Chinese Auctions.  Please come support our community's students!

By e-mail

  • Rotary RI will be holding the 2017 RI Convention in Atlanta from June 10-14. The registration cost is $415. If you are planning to attend, please drop a line to Gary Dean at Gary.Dean@HERrealtors.com.  (You can also go to www.rotaryconvention2017.org to register &/or get more details.)
  • Gary Vaughan has been selected by District 6690 Nominating Committee to be our Rotary District Governor Nominee Designate.  Gary will follow Craig Maxey as our District Governor for the 2019-2020 Rotary year.  Go to our Rotary District's website to read Gary's bio.

SAA: Don McIroy

   * Rotarians in Ashville for the new police officer that was recently hired.

   *Jayme Fountain: 1) Mock trial, 2) "Taking care of Alan Crosby."

   *Charlie Hedges: his wife, Mollie Hedges, will be speaking at the Drug Coalition.

   * Quized members on who serves in which position in the City.

Intro: Jerry Good

Speaker(s): Deborah Lowe Wright, spoke to us about African American history in Pickaway County.  She is a Circleville native, who graduated from Circleville High School. Then she attended the College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio.  Deborah was employed as an operator and/or supervisor at Reynolds (Alcoa)) Metal, DuPont, and General Electric.

Deborah has had a love of history, especially African American History here in Pickaway County.  As a result of her research, she has written several books which chronicled her findings: 1) They Left Their Mark, a book telling the story of Circleville's connection to the history of the Black vote; 2) The Ohio District Council of Pentecostal Churches, Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc., a three-volume historical account of a religious organizations; and 3) Historical African American Churches in Pickaway County, Ohio, 1834-1980, a collection of historical facts of Circleville black churches in Pickaway County.


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  • She is a life-long resident of Pickaway County.
  • Has a passion for history, especially of Pickaway County
  • Second Baptist Church had a location between the two sets of railroad tracks.  They was a group of approx. 170 men who met there in 1870.  This meeting was an historical significant one, of which Deborah shared the details.
  • Discussed the 13th & 15th Amendments, & "citizenship status."
  • Explained how African-Americans faced difficulty regarding the specifics of the universal right to vote, and that Caucasians opposed their right to vote.
  • "Buckeye Bourbons" was a group of people who were aligned with Southerners and therefore opposed the African-Americans' right to vote.
  • Unfortunately, the majority of the United States felt that "colored citizens were ignorant and could not grasp governmental affairs."
  • Shared the details of the two petitions submitted by Sen. John Sherman that supported African-American's right to vote.
  • These two petitions laid the groundwork for HB23, which then became the Enforcement Act of 1870.  This "gave teeth" to the 15th Amendment.
  • She explained how Mr. Bigman fought for these rights.
  • Mentioned how "there was still a fear of the Negros gaining power."  She stated how the the Caucasians' "horses has better birth records than their slaves." 
  • People were concerned that this would give the Federal government undue power over the States' rights.
  • Eventually the Enforcement Act of 1870 was dissolved.
  • Circleville was highly politically in the 1800's, and was a "hot bed" at the time.  It was called the "jewel of Ohio."
  • Shared what the Republican party's & Democratic party's views were at that time, which are vastly differently than they are today.
  • She concluded how important it is for every person to vote, and to be politically aware & involved.
  • Voting is a true way to assure that every person is equal.  How each person's vote involves that person in another person's life.
  • "They Left Their Mark" is the book she wrote about the African American history in Pickaway County.
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Contact information:

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Deborah Lowe Wright

Author of "They Left Their Mark"

February program schedule (submitted by Ian Webb)

16th:  Pickaway Parks update - Tom Davis & Marshall Fields

23rd: Rural Urban Day - at Presbyterian Church 

March program schedule (submitted by Ian Webb)

2nd: Dale Gillette - Seniors & Law Enforcement Together

9th:  Don McIlroy - State of the City

16th: Aaron Portzline - Columbus Dispatch Blue Jackets reporter

23rd: Jarrod Burks - Archaeology & Technology

30th: Walt Spangler - Germany

April program schedule (submitted by Ian Webb)

6th: Heather Foll - Pickaway FANS Network

13th: Joy Hoover & Jeff Sheets - Teays Valley Education Foundation

20th: Ryan Scribner - Sofidel Update

27th: Dan Patrick - Retired "Samson" monster truck driver

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