* 03/16/2017 | Rotary Club of Circleville, Ohio, USA | Joseph G. McNemar


Date: 03/16/17

Presiding: Chris Mullins

Piano: Don Metzler

Prayer:  Dan Fouts

Introductions: Jessica Mullins

Don Metzler brought Mike Strawser, Branch manager at Chase

Absentees: Scott, Dolly, Dan D., Jean, Ellery, Joy, Gary G., Jerry G., Tad, Larry H., Debbie, Jack, Gary J., Sr. Monica, Cody, Fred, Mike P., Ben, Patty, Gary S, Roxan, Steve, Bill S., Tim Tener, Tim Throckmorton, Wayne, Ian, Tim W.

Make-ups: NoneMake Ups: eClubOne—Roger Wolfe

Song: Walt Spangler, #22 "For Me and My Gal" & #64 "Sing Out a Song of Rotr'y"

Students: TVHS, John Kiel introduced:

Peyton Hamilton, FFA and making toys for children out of scrap wood, blankets for kids at Ronald McDonald House

Shelby Castle, Show Choir, French Club President, BGSU in French education, NHS

March birthdays: 5th - Dan Dailey; 9th - Tom Tootle; 10th - Chris Mullins; 11th - Dick Patrick; 12th - Roy Huffer; 26th - Jerry Leist, Bob McCrady; 29th - Scott Applegate

March anniversaries: 2nd - Walt Spangler; 18th - Don Metzler; 19th - Debbie Hoffman


Rotary After Hours, Wednesday, March 29th, 5-7 at Gant's Pizza sponsored by Melissa Gantner, Gwen Wolford, and Bob Mabe of Circleville & Ashville Apothecary

Soup Kitchen on Monday, March 20th, passing around signup sheet--Gary Montgomery

Vince--tonight's Four-Way Test Speech contest

Richard Coyan--Tragedy to Triumph, Sunday through Wednesday, 7:00 pm Dion Sanders is top name

SAA: Bob Sneed (or O'Sneed)

Trying to identify the ringing phone

March Madness teams

Jonathan Davis, State Wrestling Champ

Rodger Wolf grandson in tournament

Mayor Don for car crash into city building

David O'Webb for dog walking sideline

Several for "The Name's the Same"--Drex, Dick Fullen, 

Irish Pride--myths dispelled

Lottery: $14 to Dave Moss, no big bean

Intro: Bob Sneed

Speaker: Aaron Porttzline, sports reporter for The Columbus Dispatch grew up in Mt. Vernon. He has been in the newspaper business since he was 16 (no mention of how long that was). He has covered the Blue Jackets for the Columbus Dispatch since 1999, which was before they were even a team.


  • Record braking season for the Blue Jackets, if win tonight will be one point away from top of the league
  • Veterans who have bounced back
  • Top rookie 
  • Coach that is "very colorful"--words that are not always publishable, got everyone's attention
  • Covered since 1999 (even before taking the ice)
  • Team really expects to win the Stanley Cup
  • Coach has instituted a much more stringent physical standard
    • Run 2 miles in 12 minutes--unusual for a "hockey build"
    • Lost substantial weight
    • But most is mental attitude
  • Point system--win=2 points, lose in regulation=0, lose in overtime=1
  • Biggest surprise--19 year old defenseman (Zach Werenski)--more points than Bobby Orr did in his rookie season--obsessed with winning
  • Foreign born? Still a Canadian league--about 30% American
  • Change of coach effect? Depends on the direction the change goes--Tortorella isn't a "player's coach," but has developed a family feeling; very frank and honest; challenging the players, but making them better team
  • Player progression--16 years old start with Junior League (away from home) can't qualify for college; eligible to be drafted at 18 or go to college; also minor leagues
  • CBJ image around league--thought they should be good last year (were horrible) to almost the best winning streak ever; 4 of 6 defense men are new; Bobrovski has been healthy; anger with where they have been
  • Attendance is up, but weekday games are still not sold out; crowd had gone from mad to not caring--hard to get them back, but goodwill is returning
  • 200 adult league teams in Columbus area
  • On another subject: Indians look good--have most of last year's team back
  • Future of print media:
    • slowly going away, 10 year print commitment, but what then?
    • Used to be up to a 30 hour delay on "breaking news"
    • How do you give away for free online what print people have to pay for

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March program schedule (submitted by Ian Webb)

23rd: Jarrod Burks - Archaeology & Technology

30th: Walt Spangler - Germany

April program schedule (submitted by Ian Webb)

6th: Heather Foll - Pickaway FANS Network

13th: Joy Hoover & Jeff Sheets - Teays Valley Education Foundation

20th: Ryan Scribner - Sofidel Update

27th: Dan Patrick - Retired "Samson" monster truck driver

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