* 03/30/2017 | Rotary Club of Circleville, Ohio, USA | Joseph G. McNemar


Presiding: Chris Mullins

Prayer: Dan Dailey

Piano: Don Metzler

Intros: Tony Chamberlain

Song: Warren Spangler, "God Bless America" & "Sing Rotarians"

Absentees: Beavers, Craig Brown, Crespo, Droste, Elick, Elsea, Ewing, Richard Gerhardt, Gillen, Good, Halm, Jack Hooks, Justinger, Lewis, Bob Liggett, Mavis, Palm, Reynolds, Scherer, Sigmon, Stevens, Throckmorton, Matt Tootle, Vickers, White, Williams, Wolford

Make-ups: eClub One - Roger Wolfe

Visiting Rotarians: Logan - Bill Boone; Sunrise - Warner Searls

Guests: Janet Spangler, Annabel Spangler, Carol Ann Baker, & Dave Baker, by Warren Spangler; Tina Barson, & Burt Marsh, by Walt Spangler

April birthdays: 3rd - Gary Dean; 9th - Craig Brown; 10th -Debbie Hoffman; 13th - Mark Smith; 14th - Angela Beavers; 15th - Ellery Elick; 16th - Gary Gillen & Tad Grover; 18th - Larry Halm; 22nd - Barry Pontius

April anniversaries: 2nd - Steve Stevenson; 8th - Harry Canfield, Dave Moss; 26th - Dan Delong; 28th - Larry Powell

Student guests: Jonathan Davis, Superintendent of Circleville City School District, introduced two students: Bryce Delong & Avery Delong

Lottery: Jim Hooks received the weekly drawing of $16, but did not draw the golden bean. Jackpot is now $42.  Also did another drawing for "A Soldier's Story" book donated by Walt Spangler.  Ned Schreiner won it.


  • Pres. Chris: read the letter of resignation from Tim Tener.
  • Gary Dean:  Rotary Committee sign-up forms at all the tables
  • Gary Montgomery: Thanked those who volunteered at the most recent Community Kitchen event.
  • Gary Joiner: On 04/16/17, the Mash Pantry will be having an Easter dinner
  • Scott Applegate: Spaghetti Dinner at New Hope Schools will be tomorrow, starting at 4:30pm.
  • The Annual Rotary Flower Sale is ON. See the details by clicking here.

By e-mail

SAA: Bob Sneed

  • Jessica Mullins: Sterlin being in the newspaper for honor roll
  • Gerhardt Maroscher: for speaking to the Women's Educators Club
  • Don McIlroy & Scott Applegate: in photo of Ace Hardware's ribbon cutting ceremony
  • Charlie Hedges: for Mollie speaking to the Women's Business Network
  • Ty Ankrom: ESC received favorable results from their recent audit
  • Ned Schreiner challenged Gary Dean to raise money for Polio Plus by skydiving.  If Gary will do it, Ned said he would too!
  • April Fool's Day Trivia Quiz

Intro: Dave Webb, who first thanked all of March's speakers & program committee members.

Speaker(s): Fellow Rotarian, Walt Spangler, who spoke about his "trip" across Germany, via his military service in WWII.


  • Started his military service at 16 years old in the infantry.
  • Was then formally drafted at 18 years old.
  • Shared a funny story about a soldier who was serving on guard duty.
  • Spoke about the different weapons they had learned how to use during their training.
  • AIRTC: Advanced Infantry Replacement Training Center
  • He was sent to serve on the USS Westpoint, a former luxury liner that "had all the luxury taken out of it."  They were on their way to Glasgow, Scotland.
  • Shared a story of a time that depth charges were thrown in their path by another ship, and how his ship & troops reacted.  Explained how they eventually landed & were sent in as reinforcements for lost soldiers.  Walt was selected to be placed in the foxhole.  He said that he learned more in that foxhole from a seasoned fellow soldier than he had in all of his 6 weeks of training camp.
  • Told us how amazed he was that he had a fellow soldier in his troop from Williamsport.  Walt explained how unusual it was to have someone local.
  • Walt served in Company A, which had lost its first two leaders, and the third leader sent as a replacement was only 22 years old.  This new fellow found himself in charge of approx. 146 soldiers!
  • Explained that a zig-zag trench was dug in such a fashion in case a mortar landed in the trench so it wouldn't "take out the whole trench."
  • Spoke of how mistakes were made and the result of some of those mistakes, and how they lost soldiers.
  • Walt explained that he had to once hid in a 6" deep plow furrow, so he had to dig his foxhole from a prone position.
  • Shared his knowledge of mortars, and the damage they inflicted.  He had several close calls with them, and had lost fellow soldiers.
  • Told various stories of how they had advanced through Germany.
  • He ran out of time so he had to cut his presentation short, but stated that "there is plenty more to this story."

Contact information:

None provided, but Walt is in our Membership Directory

April program schedule (submitted by Ian Webb)

6th: Heather Foll - Pickaway FANS Network

13th: Joy Hoover & Jeff Sheets - Teays Valley Education Foundation

20th: Ryan Scribner - Sofidel Update

27th: Amber Hudson - MASH Food Pantry

May program schedule (submitted by Ian Webb)

4th: Dan Patrick - Retired "Samson" monster truck driver

11th: Keystone Book Store

18th:  Jenny Bahney-Author/Publisher

25th: TBA

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