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By: Patty Rothe, Rotary Newsletter Editor; 


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Presiding: Pres. Ian Webb

Prayer: Earl Palm

Piano: Don Metzler

Intros: Barry Pontius

Song: Debbie Hoffman-"Good Night, Debbie (AKA Good Night Ladies)" & "Roll Rotary (with handmotions!)"

Absentees: Ankrom, Beavers, Bialey, Craig Brown, Christopher, Coyan, Dan Delong, Droste, Elsea, Esala, Ewing, Foll, Fouts, Gerhardt, Irwin, Kowalski, McNemar, Jessica Mullins, Pelcic, Radcliff, Rainey, Rawlins, Scherer, Searls, Stevens, Bob Tootle, Matt Tootle, Vallette, Vickers, White, Yaniga

Make ups: Mrytle Beach, SC - Ellery Elick

Visiting Rotarians: None

Guests: Don Ritchie, by Sam Shapiro. 

Membership Proposal:

 Paperwork has been submitted by Donald "Don" Ritchie. Don is retired from the U S Navy, and resides in Circleville. His Sponsoring Rotarian is Sam Shapiro. If there are any questions regarding this proposal, please direct them to Drexel Poling.

April birthdays: 2nd - Curtis Christopher; 3rd - Gary Dean; 9th - Craig Brown; 10th - Debbie Hoffman; 14th - Angela Beavers; 15th - Ellery Elick; 16th - Tad Grover; 22nd - Barry Pontius; 23rd - Tony Chamberlain

April anniversaries: 2nd - Steve Stevenson; 26th - Dan Delong

Happy Dollars: None

Student Guests: 1)Erika Konowalow, representing Pickaway Ross Career & Tech School, introduced Cheyenne Bowling & Anjel Carpenter. Westfall is their home school. 2) Jon Davis, Superintendent of Circleville City Schools, introduced Elizabeth Timmons & Shannon Benner.

Lottery: Jim Hooks was this week's winner of $16, but the golden pebble remained hidden. The jackpot is now $305.


  • Pres Ian: Update - the vote on the membership dues increase passed overwhelming, 42-2.
  • Pres. Ian: Passed around thank-you notes from CES' third-graders for the recent dictionary distribution on behalf of our Rotary Dictionary Project.
  • Gary Dean: Pumpkin Show Band will be performing their annual FREE Spring Concert on 04/07/19 @ 3PM at Emmett Chapel.
  • Reminder: The annual Pickaway County Mayor's Breakfast event will be on 05/09/19 at 7:30AM at OCU. This event is a fundraiser for the Boy Scouts of America, and this year's honorees are Steve & Judy Gary. Please RSVP to Susan.Emerson@scouting.org or call (614)310 - 1324.
  • Via e-mail
  • Registration is now open for the Rotary Districts' 6650 & 6690 Joint District Conference on April 12th-13th at Hilton Polaris hotel in Columbus. Please log onto our Rotary District's website for details. 

SAA: Mayor Don McIlroy

  • Barry Adams: (couldn't hear reason)
  • Clark Cellio: finally appearing to a meeting
  • Bob Sneed: for sitting by Clark
  • Trivia quiz on various topics

Program: Dave Webb introduced today's speaker, Kim Shannon, representing Three Pits and a Lady. Kim lives in Stoutsville with her husband and three rescue dogs. She graduated from Brookhaven High School, and has been employed by Nationwide Insurance for 23 years. In addition, she has worked part-time at Pickaway Country Club for nine years.

While animals are her true passion, she also enjoys "treasure hunting," which she says some call junk collecting.


  • It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity
  • "Our mission is to make sure every animals gets the help it needs."
  • Shared a PowerPoint presentation
  • Largest way to earn money is by donations, monetary as well as physical items. She sells &/or auctions these donated items for a profit.
  • Annual Ladies Night Out fundraising event is held at the Pickaway Country Club.
  • Told numerous touching stories of how helping people with pets actually improves not only the pet's life, but alo the owner's life.
  • They are working towards a pet-wash facility that will have space for the "resale" space option. They also hold periodic rummage sales.
  • "We are different than Partner for Paws & the Dog Shelter, but we work together with them."
  • Don McIlroy gave a testimonial about how she works magic on the "junk" he has donated to her & she's able to sell. Dave Webb concurred with Don's comment.
  • The most expensive medical case was $6000 for a dog that had been abandoned in a backyard in the the sun in the heat of July. She explained that she is still paying for that bill. The dog has since been adopted into a great home.

In appreciation of this year's speakers sharing their time & efforts, donations to the Pickaway County Dog Shelter will be made in their names.

April programs:

  • 4th: 3 Pits and a Lady - Kim Shannon
  • 11th: Pickaway Senior Center - Holly Cottrill
  • 18th: Health Care Logistics - Geralyn Yingling & Bethany Reid
  • 25th: Intro to Dinosaurs - Dale Gnidovec, OSU Orton Museum

May programs:

  • 2nd: Senior Scams - Katie Harper from Office of Attorney General
  • 9th: Berger Health's affiliation with Ohio Health - Tim Colburn
  • 16th: Brave Choices (active addiction & affected families) - Beth Bullock
  • 23rd: Drug deaths in Pickaway - John Ellis
  • 30th: Group Study Excahnge (GSE) Team's visit to Taiwan

June programs:

  • 6th: History of funeral business - Ashley Thacker, Scheodinger Funeral
  • 13th: Amanda Knotts from Brooks Yates
  • 20th: Rainbow Literacy program - David Fausnaugh
  • 27th: Changing of the Guard
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