* 04/20/2017 | Rotary Club of Circleville, Ohio, USA | Joseph G. McNemar


Presiding: Chris Mullins

Prayer: Norm Wilson

Piano: Don Metzler

Intros: Dan Fouts

Song: Mike Pelcic, "Singin' in the Rain" & "Roll Rotary"

Absentees: Applegate, Beavers, Craig Brown, Connie Chamberlain, Tony Chamberlain, Davis, Dan Delong, Elick, Ewing, Gillen, Good, Grover, Halm, Jack Hooks, Joiner, Justinger, Lewis, Bob Liggett, Mavis, Moss, Radcliff, Reynolds, Stevens, Throckmorton, Matt Tootle, Vickers, Wolfe

Make-ups: Myrtle Beach - Ellery Elick; District Assembly - Gary Dean, Drex Poling, Vince Yaniga

Visiting Rotarians: Sunrise - Rich Elsea, Warner Searls; Logan - Bill Boone

Guests: David Crawford & David Winner, by Earl Palm; Jennifer Rainey, by Dolly Crespo

April birthdays: 3rd - Gary Dean; 9th - Craig Brown; 10th -Debbie Hoffman; 13th - Mark Smith; 14th - Angela Beavers; 15th - Ellery Elick; 16th - Gary Gillen & Tad Grover; 18th - Larry Halm; 22nd - Barry Pontius

April anniversaries: 2nd - Steve Stevenson; 8th - Harry Canfield, Dave Moss; 26th - Dan Delong; 28th - Larry Powell

New membership proposal: Jennifer Rainey has submitted her membership paperwork.  She is employed at The Savings Bank, and lives in Ashville.  Dolly Crespo is her Rotary sponsor. Please direct any questions/comments regarding this proposal to Drexel Poling.

Student guests: Nate Smith, Principal of Logan Elm High School, introduced four students: Caymen Bryant, Corey Reid, Bailey Hartman, & Rhianna Lucas

Lottery: Jessica Mullins received the weekly drawing of $17, but did not draw the golden bean. Jackpot is now $54.  


  • Gary Montgomery: Community Kitchen is this Monday, 04/25/17.
  • Carly Neff: It's time for our annual Flower Sale fundraiser; link for the order form is on our club's website.  Order forms were a distributed as well.  For more info &/or to place an order, contact Carly Neff at #740-474-2028 Ext. #1, or #740-404-5698, or neffcj@yahoo.com
  • Joe McNemar: Mayor's breakfast fundraiser for Boys Scouts of America on 05/18/17 at OCU, starting at 7:30AM.  This year's honoree is Larry Schieber.
  • Joe Brown: gave an update on the applications received for our Rotary Scholarship.
  • Amy Elsea: 05/18/17 is the Pickaway County Chamber Annual Banquet
  • Jayme Fountain: Golf outing for Teen KA; Community Care Day - looking for sites, so please contact her if you know of anyone needing some help from the community.
  • Debbie Hoffman: 04/26/17 Will be the next Rotary After Hours event at the Patio at Rhoads Farm Market, from 4:30-7PM.   Catered by Elegant Eats, with a cash bar.  Jim River is the Noon club's sponsor, with Stacy Young & Tom Oyer as Sunrise club's sponsors.
  • Circleville Noon Rotary branded apparel is now available through Land's End.  Two ways to order are: 

By e-mail: 

  • Rotary District 6690 will be holding our 2017 District Convention in downtown Columbus at COSI's facilities, on Saturday, April 29th.  DG Steve Sandbo says "I promise it will be a very fund day with plenty of inspired learning, sharing, & fellowship."  The registration closes on Monday, 04/24/17 at midnight. 

SAA: Vince Yaniga

  • All of those who have kids or grandkids in any of our county's four school school district
  • Gave a quiz from Reader's Digest of what things help your cognitive capabilities or not. 

Intro: Gary Dean

Speaker(s): Ryan Scribner, Director of P3 (Pickaway Progress Partnership), & fellow Rotarian.


  • Introduced from Sofidel - America: Simone Capuano, Facility Manager,  & Amy (did not catch her last name), HR Director.
  • Gave a recap of Sofidel's history
  • Founded in 1966 & currently operate in 12 countries
  • 27 facilities total
  • Circleville site was selected to service the east coast & midwest portions of USA.
  • Ryan first came into contact with them via "Project Regina" in 2013.
  • In 2015, Ryan & three other people took a trip to Italy to network & promote Pickaway County.  They ended up having a "chance meeting" with the CEO of Sofidel, which then began the wheels moving towards Circleville's relationship with Sofidel.
  • Ryan explained how amazing it was for our community to pull together in the effort to get our county to the level to be truly considered by Sofidel.  "There were many other sites that were further along than we were."
  • Circleville site:
    • 280 acres
    • 1.8 million sq ft
    • Approx. $400 million capital investment
    • Phase I is under construction now; They plan to employ 310 people.
    • Phase II will possible double the size of the facility
    • Have own power plant, & supplement via connectivity with AEP.
    • Own wastewater treatment plant, & water/wells
    • General Contractor - Gray Construction, Kentucky
    • Shared stats of the amount of materials involved in the project
    • Projected the completion date as in the end of 2018
    • Simone was kind enough to point out the different portions of the site's main floor plan.
    • Shared the aerial plan of the site, & the pending new roadway that will connect US 23 with Sofidel's front gates and then with Pittsburg Rd.
    • Hiring will truly commence in 3rd quarter 2017
    • Roadwork begins in June 2017
    • Columbia Gas pipeline in 3rd quarter 2017
  • Ryan concluded by saying that "You can't compete if you aren't ready.  We have sites that are ready, so we're competing!"

Contact information:

Ryan Schribner,


Pickaway Progress Partnership

April program schedule:

27th: Amber Hudson - MASH Pantry

May program schedule:

4th: Dan Patrick - Retired "Samson" monster truck driver

11th: Keystone Book Store

18th: Jennifer Barney - Author/Publisher

25th: Dr. Greg Lam - Cardiologist at Berger Health Systems

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