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By: Patty Rothe, Rotary Newsletter Editor; 


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Presiding: Pres. Ian Webb

Prayer: Richard Coyan

Piano: Ellery Elick

Intros: None

Song: Norm Wilson-"America The Beautiful" & "Roll Rotary"

Absentees: Adams, Ankrom, Beavers, Craig Brown, Christopher, Davis, Droste, Ewing, Gerhardt, Hoffman, Irwin, Adam Johnson, Justinger, Kowalski, Eric Liggett, Mabe, McIlroy, Metzler, Montgomery, Chris Mullins, Jessica Mullins, Pelcic, Radcliff, Rainey, Ritchie, Scherer, Searls, Shapiro, Sigmon, Stevens, Matt Tootle, Vallette, Vickers, White, Yaniga

Make ups: None

Visiting Rotarians: Roscommon - David & Marie Crawford; eClub One - Charlie Hedges; Sunrise - Bob Foster.

Guests: None

May birthdays: 3- Ned Riegel; 11- Ned Schreiner, Connie Chamberlain; 15- Don Ritchie; 25- Dan Delong, Dave Crawford; 26- Vince Yaniga, Bob Mabe; 28- Patty Rothe; 30- Jean Droste; 31- Bob Liggett

May anniversaries: 7- Bob Johnson, Joe McNemar; 15- Curtis Christopher; 26- Roger Wolfe; 28- Richard Coyan; 29- Ned Riegel; 30- David & Marie Crawford

Happy Dollars: Bob Sneed & Joe Brown, for respective granddaughters' collegiate achievements.

Student Guests: None, due to school year ending now.

Lottery: Ned Schreiner was this week's winner of $10, but the golden pebble remained hidden. The jackpot is now $392.


  • No Community Kitchen this month, due to Memorial Day.
  • On 05/18/19, from 8AM-Noon, The Savings Bank will be hosting their annual Shred-It Day at the former Carnival Store's parking lot.
  • Reminder: Pickaway County (Legal) Bar Association is hosting a ".5K Bar Run" on tonight, starting at 6PM. The event begins at Shifty's Tavern and ends at Gant's Pizza & Pub. Proceeds to benefit the Pickaway County Fairgrounds. 
  • Reminder: Wyngate Senior Living Community is holding a fundraiser to support the Alzheimer's Association. During the month of May, treat your staff &/or loved ones on Wednesdays to homemade cinnamon rolls & Tim Horton's coffee. Place an order (12 cinnamon rolls & coffee) for $25, and Wyngate will deliver it! Contact Sister Monica for more details or to place on order at 740-497-1898 or at mjustinger@chancellorhealth.com.
  • Via e-mail
  • Incoming District Governor, Gary Vaughan, has extended an invitation to all Rotarians to attend his induction celebration on 06/21/19 at 6PM at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral, 555 North St., Columbus.
  • Gary Vaughan sent a notice that the District Training Assembly, previously scheduled for 05/18/19, has been postponed. New details to be announced.

SAA: Judy Wolford

  • Carly Neff: Photo in newspaper mentioning her planting flowers in our downtown area.
  • Tony Chamberlain: Safety Forces newspaper photo
  • Anyone in LE school district: Girls softball team 
  • CCSD: Boys baseball
  • TVSD: Girls softball
  • Westfall: Boys baseball & girls softball team

Program: Jim Hooks introduced today's speaker, Beth Bullock, Founder & Executive Director of Brave Choices, and Advocacy Director of R.E.A.C.H. For Tomorrow. These are organizations that work to bring awareness, education, and support to individuals in active addiction and their families. 

Beth works with local law enforcment, the Attorney General's Office, and other agencies across Ohio to develop programs to prevent substance abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, and human trafficking.

She is married to Rod Bullock, and they have four children and six grandchildren. 

Their oldest child, Robby, was lost to a heroin overdose in 2014, which is the driving force behind Beth's work and their organization, "Brave Choices."


  • REACH is "restoration counseling."
  • The organizations focuse on addressing drug addiction & human trafficking.
  • "To create positive change we need to BE an advocate. Being an advocate requires action. Through collaboration and partnerships we will provide training and educate, partner with communities to support their efforts to end Human Trafficking, support individuals trafficked, provide coomniyy linkage and share resources to assist service providers in Ohio."
  • Works closely with law enforcement to create an educational support system for addicts & their families
  • Started by helping them to find appropriate treatment program, but then discovered that there was a link between addiction & human trafficking.
  • Trafficking victims are 85% women, but men & children are also victims.
  • Ohio is #4 in human trafficking in the USA.
  • Approximately 40 million people are victims of trafficking across the world.
  • Shared a story of one victim who was a young boy. 
  • He met these "friends" via the on-line videogame "Fortnite."
  • Explained how "it happens all around us, but many miss the signs because they don't know what to look for."
  • Spoke of how frustrating her job can be at times. 
  • She said it can also be very rewarding.
  • Shared another story of a 7-yr old boy that they personally have taken into their home. 
  • His negative behaviors are a direct result of the trauma that he experienced due to abuse & drug use in his precious home environment.
  • Beth brought plenty of informational literature to share to teach us of what the "red-flag signs" are.
  • "Trust your intuition!" 
  • If something changes with your child or a loved one, investigate it. 
  • Watch for changes in their behaviours.
  • Often the victims don't realize that they are victims. 
  • They think the abuser "loves" them, & that the victims are doing these things willing.
  • She said the key thing is to build trust with the victims so that they will eventually call her for help. 
  • She pointed out that "the victims will not call law enforcement because they don't trust the legal system."
  • The only data they have is from those that have reported their abuse. 
  • She can only imagine how many don't call or make reports.
  • Ohio is a hotbed (of illegal activity) due to our extensive highway system, & the criminals' ability to travel easily between cities & states.
  • Revealed that the questions that kids ask her, often prove that they "know something or have seen something. They would not know to ask these questions if they didn't have information of some sort."
  • "Trauma & vulnerabilty are the key attributes that traffickers look for in a victim. 
  • They don't want someone who will fight back."
  • Criminals often watch the internet (SnapChat, Instagram, etc) for people who are vulnerable, & posting things that indicate they are unhappy. 
  • The abuser will then reach out with statements such as "I can't believe that happen to you. I'd never do that to you!"
  • Then the abusers begin to "groom" their target until they convince the target to do what the abuser instructs them to do. 
  • Thus, the target becomes a victim.

Speaker's contact info:

Beth Bullock, CTP QBHS,

Advocacy Director

REACH For Tomorrow

(513) 427-2577


In appreciation of this year's speakers sharing their time & efforts, donations to the Pickaway County Dog Shelter will be made in their names.

May programs:

23rd: Drug deaths in Pickaway - John Ellis

30th: Group Study Excahnge (GSE) Team's visit to Taiwan

June programs:

6th: History of funeral business - Ashley Thacker, Scheodinger Funeral

13th: Amanda Knotts from Brooks Yates

20th: Rainbow Literacy program - David Fausnaugh

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