* 06/15/2017 | Rotary Club of Circleville, Ohio, USA | Joseph G. McNemar


Date: 06/15/17. (Editor's Note: Thank you to Bob Johnson, my wonderful father, for taking today's meeting notes, yet again!)

Presiding: Chris Mullins


Piano: Don Metzler


Song: Don Metzler, "Grand Old Flag" & "Sing Out a Song of Rot'ry"

Absentees: Ankrom, Applegate, Beavers, Craig Brown, Connie Chamberlain, Crawford, Crespo, Dailey, Davis, Dean, Dan Delong, Elick, Ewing, Richard Gerhardt, Good, Grover, Halm, Jack Hooks, Jim Hooks, Justinger, Kowalski, Lewis, Bob Liggett, Eric Liggett, Maroscher, Mavis, Jessica Mullins, Radcliff, Rainey, Reynolds, River, Rothe, Scherer, Schreiner, Stevens, Throckmorton, Matt Tootle, Vickers, White, Williams, Wolfe, Yaniga

Make-ups: RI Convention - Gary Dean

Visiting Rotarians: Warner Searls


June birthdays: 5th - Dave Moss;14th - Bob McKelvey, Jack Hooks; 24th - Bob Johnson (HAPPY 87th Dad!!); 18th - Gary Scherer; 21st - Todd Stevens; 27th - Tim Throckmorton

 June anniversaries: 5th - Gary Dean; 7th - Wayne Vickers; 10th - Bob Liggett; 11th - Jon Davis; 18th - Charley Gerhardt; 21st - Dick Gerhardt, Fred Mavis; 24th - Jim Hooks; 27th - Bob McKelvey; 29th - Patty Rothe

Student guests: None, due to summer break

Lottery:  Roxanne Sigmon received the weekly drawing of $11, and she drew the golden bean to win the $191 jackpot.  


  • Dan Fouts: Laurelville Church - string music group, which includes Dan's wife Esther.

SAA: Jayme Fountain

  • Relatives of Pickaway County Fair participants
  • Flag Day Trivia Quiz, table by table.

Intro: Bob Mabe

Speaker(s): Dave Fosnaugh , Director of Pickaway County Library, discussed the many services the Library provides.


  • Books & movies
  • Bookmobile
  • Children's services
  • Teen programs
  • Ashville branch
  • Computer education
  • Music programs
  • Coming soon: Expanded hours of M-Th 10AM-8PM, F & Sat. ?, Sun,-1-5PM

Contact information:

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Until next week...

Patty Rothe,

Rotary Newsletter Editor 


June program schedule:

22nd: Dolly Crespo & Jenna Ketch - Pickaway Co. YMCA

29th: Changing of the Guard

July program schedule:

6th - Mt. Oval Historical Farm - Carolyn Switzerland

13th - US Marshal Service & Bomb-sniffing Dogs - Deputy Aaron Fisher

20th - Ohio State Highway Patrol Motorcycle Unit - Trooper Cory Diehl

27th - Berger Health System - Tim Colburn

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