* 07/27/2017 | Rotary Club of Circleville, Ohio, USA | Joseph G. McNemar


(A special thank you to Ian Webb for filling in for the fill-in to provide this week’s Flashes.)

Presiding: Gary Dean

Prayer: Dan Fouts

Piano: Mary Jane Dean

Intro of Guests: Angela Beavers

Song Leader: Norm Wilson-Row Row Row Your Boat and Sing Out a Song of Rotary

Visting Rotarians: Mary Jane Dean, Sunrise

Absentees: Ty, Scott, Craig, Joe B., Harry, Connie, Richard C., Dolly, Dan D., Jonathan, Joy, Dick F., Jerry G., Larry H., Jack, Codi, Eric, Bob L., Bob M., Joe M., Don, Dave M., Chris, Carly, Earl, Dwight, Ned R., Ben, Patty, Gary S., Roxan, Todd, Tim T., Bob T., Wayne, Dave W., Heidi, Tim W., Roger, Judy

AnnouncementsJim Hooks updated us on Jack's recent health issues.  He is now out of the hospital and now coordinating with OSU on the next steps in his treatment.

Matt Tootle reminded us of the upcoming Rotary Golf Outing on 9/21.

Thoughts and prayers go out to Harry Canfield on the death of Eileen, his wife for 67 years.

Lottery: Dick Gerhardt won $8, but not the golden bean so that total goes to $256.

SAA: Gary Montgomery quizzed us on fishing trivia

Speaker Intro: Gary Montgomery

Speakers: Tim Colburn, CEO of Berger and Brian Stewart, County Commissioner

 Tim and Brian spoke to the club about the upcoming ballot issue that would take Berger from a city owned hospital to a not for profit.  Currently, Berger is one of only two hospitals in the state that is still owned in such a manner.  Becoming a not-for-profit would allow Berger to fully align with Ohio Health which should help Berger offer more services, increase their talent pool and bolster financial sustainability through partnerships.  

The issue will likely be on the ballot in November and more information can be found at www.StrongerBerger.org.

August program schedule (All sports-themed, primarily football):

3rd - Circleville

10th - Logan Elm

17th - New Hope

24th - Teays Valley

31st - Westfall

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