* 08/17/2017 | Rotary Club of Circleville, Ohio, USA | Joseph G. McNemar


Date: 08/17/17

Presiding: Pres. Gary Dean

Prayer: Jonathan Davis

Piano: Ellery Elick

Intros: Chris Mullins

Song: Gary Montgomery - "On the Sunny Side of the Street" & "Sing out a Song of Rot'ry"

Absentees: Ankrom, Craig Brown, Canfield, Connie Chamberlain, Crespo, Dan Delong, Droste, Ewing, Dick Gerhardt, Good, Grover, Halm, Hoffman, Jack Hooks, Lewis, Maroscher, Mavis, Radcliff, Reynolds, River, Scherer, Sigmon, Stevens, Throckmorton,Vickers, Ian Webb, White, Williams, Wolfe, Yaniga

Make-ups: None

Visiting Rotarians: None

Guests: Heather Foll, by Gary Dean; Ryan Eversole, by Gary Gillen

August birthdays: 5th - Bill Stout; 10th - Gerhard Maroscher; 16th - Bud Brehmer; 23rd - Warren Spangler

August anniversaries: 3rd - Jack Hooks; 4th - Drexel Poling; 7th - Jerry Leist; 14th - Dan Fouts; 18th - Tom Tootle; 19th - Bob Sneed; 26th - Bob Tootle; 27th - Scott Applegate

Happy Dollars: None

Student guests: None, due to summer break

Lottery:  Bob Sneed received the weekly drawing of $13, but did not draw the golden bean.  The jackpot is now $300.


  • Pres. Gary: Read a thank-you card for a donation our club made.
  • Carly Neff: 
    • 1) Pickaway County Farm to Plate event will be on 08/30/17 at Richards Farms on 24537 Canal Rd.  This event is "celebrating local foods & Pickaway County agriculture."  Proceeds will go to the Pickaway Co. FFA Chapters & PCN AG Fund. Tickets can be purchased from Carly, or at OSU Extension Office, or at Ashville Grain, or by calling #740-474-7534.
    • 2) Braves, Blues, & BBQ fundraising event, which supports the Logan Elm Education Foundation, will be on 09/30/17 at 7PM at Rhoads Garden Center.  Tickets can be purchased on-line at http://tinyurl.com/braves2017 or loganelmeducationfoundation@gmail.com.
  • Matt Tootle: Our club's 20th Annual Rotary Golf Scramble will be on 09/21/17 at Cooks Creek Golf Club.  For more info, please contact Matt Tootle: #740-474-6021 or matthewtootle@gmail.com.
  • Gary Montgomery: 08/28/17 is the next Community Kitchen event; food prep is from 3pm-5pm, with serving of food at 5pm.
  • Charlie Hedges: presented a Paul Harris "+2" award to Jim Hooks.

SAA: Beth Kowalski

* Harry Canfield: Something happened right before the meeting Beth said, but Harry remained silent.  The incident remains a secret....

* Birthdays & anniversaries for August were fined.

* Bob Liggett: newspaper photo of him in his "prize pumpkin patch."

* Bob Mabe: (who passed the fine on) for his donation to the K-9.

* Mike Pelcic: Pickaway County Board of DD for 50th Anniversary

* Jenny Rainey: for newspaper photo of her in The Savings Bank lobby looking at a display.

* Patty Rothe: for running for re-election to Circleville City School District's Board of Education.

* Matt Tootle: newspaper photo of daughter on her 1st day of school, with Matt "sort of in the background."

* Fined Clark Cellio & any other members who not wearing their name badges. 

Intro: Scott Applegate

Speaker(s): John Goode, on behalf of the Alzheimer's Association, regarding their upcoming fundraiser "The Walk to End Alzheimer's."


  • John explained how this is a personal cause for him as well, as his father Jack suffers with it.
  • 5.5 million people suffer with this disease.
  • It is the leading cause of dementia.
  • Played several videos about the Association's efforts.
  • 6th leading cause of death.
  • Every 66 seconds someone in USA develops this disease.
  • By 2050, the cost to treat/fight this disease could rise to 1.3 trillion dollars!
  • Alzheimer's Association was established in 1991.
  • 88% of funds raised goes directly to the treatment & research of the disease.
  • The activities that lead up to the walking event is often more dramatic than the walk itself.
  • $23,000 was raised last year.  Goal this year is $25,000.
  • John read aloud his personal explanation for participating in the walk.  He relayed how difficult it has been to watch his father change, as well as all of his family, due to this disease.
  • Website: www.alz.org
  • Explained how sometimes humor is the best coping mechanism, and how reaching out to the person &/or his family to see if they need any assistance. It could be something as simple as a phone call or an offer to give the caregiver a break.
  • It's not too late to sign up for the Walk.  You can sign up &/or donate via the website: www.alz.org/walk
  • Registration begins at 8:30, with walking starts at 9AM.  John strongly suggests getting there early so that you may experience all of the activities that lead up to the main event.

Pres. Gary concluded by asking everyone "to bring a friend" to next week's meeting.

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Until next week...

Patty Rothe,

Rotary Newsletter Editor 


August program schedule (All sports-themed, primarily football):

24th - Teays Valley

31st - Westfall

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14th - Mary Jane Dean & Stan Summers, about their trip to the Atlanta International Rotary Convention

21st - Our Rotary Club Outing at Cook's Creek

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