* 09/07/2017 | Rotary Club of Circleville, Ohio, USA | Joseph G. McNemar


Date: 09/07/17

Presiding: Pres. Gary Dean

Prayer: Judy Wolford 

Piano: Don Metzler

Intros: Ian Webb

Song: Warren Spangler - "In the Good Old Summertime" & "Roll Rotary"

Absentees: Applegate, Craig Brown, Joe Brown, Connie Chamberlain, Crespo, Dailey, Davis, Dan Delong, Droste, Elick, Good, Halm, Jack Hooks, Justinger, Lewis, Maroscher, Mavis, Jessica Mullins, Pelcic, Radcliff, Rainey, Reynolds, Scherer, Stevens, Stout, Throckmorton, Vickers, White, Wolfe

Make-ups: eClub One - Eric Liggett

Visiting Rotarians: Sunrise - Rich Elsea, Rick Rawlins, Warner Searls

Guests: Marie Crawford, by David Crawford; John Ellis, by Earl Palm

September birthdays: 3rd-Heidi White; 4th-Jim Hooks; 5th-Dale Delong; 6th-Harry Canfield; 14th-Dwight Radcliff; 21st-Dan Fouts; 27th-Jessica Mullins

September anniversaries: 6th-Ty Ankrom; 13th-Clark Cellio, Gary Gillen; 14th: Chris & Jessica Mullins; 15th-Ellery Elick; 17th-Angela Beavers; 21st-Dan Dailey; 23rd-Todd Stevens; 30th-Dave Webb

Happy Dollars: None

Student guests: Nate Smith, Principal of Logan Elm High School, introduced two students, Mayci Marshall & JD Ross

Lottery: Debbie Hoffman received the weekly drawing of $18, but did not draw the golden bean.  The jackpot is now $347.


  • Pres. Gary: Read a thank-you note from a nursing student that we had supported via Rotary Scholarship.
  • Bob McCrady: Passing around the volunteer sign-up sheet for our Rotary Pumpkin Show booth
  • Carly Neff: She has tickets with for LEEF's fundraising event, "Braves, Blues, & BBQ.  It is on 09/30/17 at 7PM at Rhoads Garden Center. For tickets & details, go to: http://tinyurl.com/braves2017
  • Debbie Hoffman: The next Rotary After Hours Gathering will be on 09/13/17 at Watt St Tavern from 5-8PM.  Appetizers will be provided, with a cash bar.  Gary Dean, and Four J Properties (Patty Rothe & Bob Johnson) are sponsors from the Noon Rotary club.
  • 09/28/17: Rotary District Governor Shane Pyle will be coming to our meeting.  Please come to the meeting & join us in welcoming him.
  • Matt Tootle: Our club's 20th Annual Rotary Golf Scramble will be on 09/21/17 at Cooks Creek Golf Club.  For more info, please contact Matt Tootle: #740-474-6021 or matthewtootle@gmail.com.
  • Registration is now open for our Rotary International District 6690's Four Point Seminar.  It will be on 09/23/17 (Saturday) at Zane State College in Zanesville, Ohio.  More information can be found at Rotary District 6690's FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/rotary6690/
  • Judy Wolford: Has tickets for the Pickaway CASA fundraiser.

SAA: Dave Webb

* Judy Wolford: razzed for a detail in her prayer

* All September birthdays & anniversaries

* All Browns fans asked for their prediction of the season

* Amy Elsea: asked what the terms "digs" & "ace" mean in volleyball

* Tim Williams: for his comments last week

* Dave Crawford & Don McIlroy: for the City Hall window repairs

* Judy Wolford, again: being in a newspaper photo

Intro: Norm Wilson

Speaker(s): Dave Crawford, who is President of Circleville City Council and fellow Rotary Noon Club member, and the head of the Scioto Valley Beekeepers Club.  Beekeeping is the hat he will be wearing today.  Dave & his wife Marie shared a PowerPoint presentation regarding beekeeping and the challenges they face 


  • Dave explained how the goal of beekeeping used to be to solely make honey.  Nowadays, their main focus is "just to keep bees alive until the next year."
  • There is a parasite/mite that attaches onto a bee and sucks the hemoglobin out.  Eventually the hive will collapse.  These mites came from Africa & Europe.
  • In 2006 there was a severe decline of bee population.  It has still not rebounded.  Was 1,099 in 2006,  now only 260 in 2016.
  • Spoke of honey bee stressors, and how every hive has a queen bee.
  • Loss of natural forage/foliage impacts the bees as well.
  • Very difficult for feral/wild bees to survive in current times.
  • Inadequate diet & genetic diversity are issues.  Each queen mates with 10-20 drones.
  • Pesticides are more of a problem than they used to be.
  • "Bees love buckwheat!"
  • Showed photos of how they transport hives, usually at night.
  • Bumblebees are better pollinators than honeybees, but not as good of a communicators.  
  • The best bee keepers are often females, due to a tendency to be more patient.
  • If you find a hive on your property, please call beekeepers to remove bees and DON'T kill them!
  • Showed how they remove bees from the frame & collect the honey
  • Revealed that he pays more money on medication for the bees than on himself every year.
  • Their club gives classes for those who are interested in becoming beekeepers.  Fellow Rotarians Norm Wilson & Chris Mullins are beekeepers, and Eric Liggett is considering it.
  • Buy your honey locally!  The local product will be fresh, and will be reinvested into the local bee population.
  • Normal life expectancy is 5-6 weeks during the summer, and during the winter it is longer.
  • Drones get kicked out in the fall due to not being good workers.  
  • Royal jelly will signal the growth of ovaries and develop a queen.
  • Jars of Norm Wilson's honey were raffled at the end of our meeting.  Norm shared some of his war stories of collecting the honey, and explained about the different types of honey.
  • Norm also displayed the candles he makes out of the honeycombs, and raffled one of them off.

Speaker's contact information:

(Dave's info is in our Rotary Membership Directory)

Pres. Gary concluded by reciting the Rotary 4-Way Test.

Until next week...

Patty Rothe,

Rotary Newsletter Editor 


September program schedule

14th - Mary Jane Dean & Stan Summers, about their trip to the Atlanta International Rotary Convention

21st - Our Rotary Club Outing at Cook's Creek

28th - Rotary District Govenor Shane

October program schedule

5th - Project Ohio: about Ohio's co-op electric companies' employee' work in Nicaragua

12th - New Hope school update

19th - PUMPKIN SHOW - See you at the Rotary Big Wheel Race at 12:30PM

26th - Ellery will give us a photo tour of the Pickaway County Courthouse 

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