* 11/09/2017 | Rotary Club of Circleville, Ohio, USA | Joseph G. McNemar


Presiding: Pres. Gary Dean

Prayer: Gary Montgomery 

Piano: Don Metzler

Intros: Warren Spangler

Song: Carly Neff- "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean" & "Rotary Will Go Round the World"

Absentees: Applegate, Craig Brown, Connie Chamberlain, Tony Chamberlain, Coyan, Crespo, Dailey, Davis, Droste, Elick, Ewing, Fouts, Grover, Halm, Hoffman, Jack Hooks, Justinger, Eric Liggett, Maroscher, Mavis, McIlroy, Moss, Chris Mullins, Radcliff, Rainey, Reynolds, Scherer, Sigmon, Walt Spangler, Stevens, Throckmorton, Matt Tootle, Vickers, White, Williams, Wolfe, Yaniga

Make-ups: None

Visiting Rotarians: Sunrise - Don Bradley, with his son Matt

Guests: John Ellis & David Winner, by Earl Palm

November birthdays: 5th - Monica Justinger; 8th - Jonathan Davis; 10th - Amy Elsea; 25th - Dick Gerhardt; 27th - Don Metzler; 

November anniversaries: 23rd - Dick Fullen, Heidi White; 25th - Ned Schreiner; 26th - Mark Taylor; 27th - Amy Elsea

Happy Dollars: None

Student guests: Billy Dennis, of Teays Valley High School, introduced two students Wil Petzel & Kiersten Wright.

Lottery:  Ty Ankrom received the weekly drawing of $13, but did not draw the golden bean.  The jackpot is now $444.


  • Bill Stout, on behalf of Jean Droste & Gary Sharp, regarding donating to the Rotary Club in Anguilla to help restore their hospital.
  • Curtis Christopher was inducted as a member of our Rotary club.  He is an owner of Affinity Apartment Communities, and belongs to the Health Dept. & PARS Boards, as well as to the Church of the Nazarene.  He earned a Mater's Degree in Education. His hobbies are coaching, hiking, & fishing.  He is married to Amy, and they have a son & a daughter.  Welcome aboard Curtis!
  • Rick Rawlings, formerly of Sunrise Rotary, has transferred his membership to our club.  (Wise move, Rick!). He is retired from Investigation Dept of the US Treasury.  He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Otterbein University, and Criminology from Eastern Kentucky University.  He & his wife Ann have a son together.  He belongs to Community United Methodist, and was President of Sunrise Rotary from 2005-2006.  Fishing, working on old cars & tractors, & being a Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist are some of his hobbies.  Rick is also a Paul Harris +1 Fellow.
  • Matt Bradley, Don Bradley's son, spoke about his kindness project of raising funds for Roundtown Turkeys.  His original goal is to raise enough money to be able to purchase & donate 25 turkeys.  Don shared that he has met that goal, and is shooting for 50 turkeys now.
  • Jim River: Still collecting for Wreaths Across America.  They are $15/each or 3 wreaths for $30.  Goal is to have a wreath on every soldier's grave for the holiday season.  The Monday after Thanksgiving is the cut-off date for orders/donations.
  • Bill Stout, on Jean Droste & Gary Sharp's behalf: Request for donations to the Rotary club in Anguilla, to help with disaster assistance. Checks are to be made out to Rotary Club, with "Anguilla" written in the memo.  Donations are tax-deductible.

*Via Flyer: 

  • Reminder about the Rotary 125 Club program.  See the flyers by the name badge box, or on the Rotary website for details.
  • Chillicothe Rotary is having their Centennial Celebration on 11/17/17 at 6:30PM at the Christopher Conference Center in Chillicothe.  Special guest will be Ian H.S. Riseley, who is our Rotary International President.  Reservations can be made on-line at www.Eventbrite.com

SAA: Tom Tootle

  • Earl Palm: bringing the Pickaway County Coroner to our meeting
  • Bob Mabe: not wearing his badge
  • Billy Dennis: not having as much hair as he used to have.
  • Fined more November birthdays & anniversaries 
  • Amy Elsea: for not listening during the SAA's turn, & for Braya's accomplishments in volleyball
  • Patty Rothe: for winning re-election to the Circleville City School Board
  • Jim River: granddaughter's accomplishments 
  • Charlie Hedges: brother-in-law's photo in Columbus Dispatch 
  • OCU: for athletic accomplishments 
  • Asked for all Veterans stand up & be recognized  

Intro: Bob Liggett

Speaker(s): Craig Truex, President of the Gahanna Rotary Club, & Director of Mid-Ohio Food Bank (MOFB).


  • Shared a brief history on himself.
  • Spoke of how MOFB was originally on Mound St in Columbus; moved to facility in Grove City
  • Serve approx 520,000 people, via 620+ partner agencies
  • 1 in 6 adults are at risk of going hungry daily
  • 1 in 4 children in just one school district go hungry daily; even though reduced &/or free lunch programs were available.
  • After school & weekends are when children are most at risk of hunger daily
  • SNAP is the program formerly known as food stamps
  • One of MOFB's main focuses is to work on acquiring fresh produce, & distribute it to locations in need.
  • "Feeding America" is the national organization under which the Food Banks operate 
  • They are working with farmers to acquire the left-over &/or rejected fresh produce.  Often the farmer is not able to sell food that is slightly deformed but still has the same nutritional value.
  • Shared a story of how there are families who have to rotate which member can eat on which day because they do not have enough food for the entire family. 
  • For every dollar you donate, MOFB can distribute $10 worth of groceries 
  • 70% for the families that come to MOFB, they only come an average of 5 times per year.
  • 11,000 volunteers help per year
  • He strongly encouraged all of us to go out & help the local food banks or at MOFB
  • They have trucks that they use to distribute the overages that stores & other entities may provide, to other food banks

Speaker's contact information:

Mid-Ohio Food Bank

In appreciation of this year's speakers sharing their time & efforts, donations to the Rotary Foundation will be made in their names.

Pres. Gary concluded by reciting the Rotary 4-Way Test.

Until next week...

Patty Rothe,

Rotary Newsletter Editor 


November programs:

16th: Darlene Weaver - Library facilities & experience

23rd: THANKSGIVING - No meeting (Enjoy the time with your loved ones!)

30th: Gerhard Maroscher & Jennifer Bahney - Self-publishing

December programs:

7th: Chris Mullins & Bob McCrady - a wrap-up of the Pumpkin Show Booth, and serve either pumpkin ice cream or pumpkin ice cream float

14th: Pastor Ethan Allen - Disaster relief

21st: The musical trio of Drexel, Esther, & Don will perform Christmas music for us

28th: NO MEETING - Enjoy the holiday season with those you love!

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