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Presiding: Gary Dean

Prayer: Norm Wilson

Piano: Ellery Elick

Intros: Dave Webb

Song: Jayme Fountain, "Advanced Australian Fair" & "Rotary Will Go Round the World"

Absentees: Ankrom, Applegate, Beavers, Craig Brown, Crespo, Davis, Droste, Ewing, Charley Gerhardt, Good, Halm, Jack Hooks, Jim Hooks, Lewis, Bob Liggett, Moss, Chris Mullins, Palm, Scherer, Radcliff, Scherer, Stout, Tener, Throckmorton, Vickers

Make-ups: None

Visiting Rotarians: None

Guests: Dan Coy, by Dan Dailey; Matt & Marsha Waidelich, by Tim Williams

January birthdays: 5th - Bob Tootle; 13th - Jim River, Carly Neff; 22nd - Dave Webb; 23rd - Roger Wolfe, Clark Cellio; 24th - Fred Mavis; 25th - Wayne Vickers; 26th - Mike Dutton

January anniversaries: 3rd - Tad Grover; 4th - Tim Throckmorton; 7th - Bob Mabe

Student guests:  Nate Smith, Principal of Logan Elm High School, introduced two students: Lauryn Vanhoose & Connor Stonerock


  • Carly Neff: There will be a Rotary New Member Social on 02/01/17 at Gantz at 5:30pm.  Please RSVP if you would like to attend.
  • Gary Montgomery: our next Community Soup Kitchen will be on 01/23/17 at Presbyterian Church, from 3PM - 6PM.  A sign-up sheet is being passed around the room.
  • By e-mail: Rotary RI will be holding the 2017 RI Convention in Atlanta from June 10-14. The registration cost is $415. Go to www.rotaryconvention2017.org to register &/or get more details.

SAA: Bob Tootle

   * Trivia quiz with a political theme, in honor of the Presidential Inauguration tomorrow.

Lottery:   Mayor Don McIlroy had the winning tickets and received $15.  Since the golden bean was not drawn, the jackpot is now $318.

Intro:  Tim Williams

Speaker(s): Coach Tim Hinton, The Ohio State University Assistant Coach.  Tim is a graduate of Amanda Clearcreek High School.  He then attended Wilmington College, from which he graduated with a degree in Industrial Education in 1982.  

Tim began his coaching career as an assistant at Amanda Clearcreek in 1978, where he coached three seasons.  In 1981, he returned to Wilmington College as a student assistant until enrolling in grad school at OSU to pursue a graduate degree in Educational Policy and Leadership.  While doing so, he served as Graduate Assistant under Earl Bruce.

Upon completion of his degree, Tim returned to the high school ranks to coach at Zane Trace, Van Wert, and an 11-year stint at Marion Harding.  During his time at Marion Harding, he won five conference titles, made the playoffs five times, and coached 14 players who would go on to major college programs.

Mark Dantonio, current Michigan State coach, pulled Tim from the high school ranks in 2004 to be his running backs coach at University of Cincinnati.  While there, he also worked under current Norte Dame Coach Brian Kelley.  In 2009, Tim left Cincinnati to join Brian Kelley at Norte Dame, where he served as running backs' coach.

In 2012, he joined Coach Urban Myer at The Ohio State University to coach the tight ends.  Tim was part of the 2014 National Championship team, and was able to accompany the team to the White House for their recognition.  He now serves as Executive Director for Football Relations/Special Assistant to the Head Coach at The Ohio State University.


  • Offered to "bring in OSU's Glee Club down to teach you all how to sing!
  • Gave a quick recap of OSU Football's recent history
  • Discussed the dedication that these young OSU football players have to training & to the games.
  • OSU had the second youngest football team.
  • "Very hard to take a bunch of 20-year olds & push them into the national spotlight. Don't judge until you've been in that arena."
  • "These kids have to learn how to put on body armor to handle the criticism."
  • Tim took us through a summary of "what all these players have to go through."
  • The locker room is undergoing renovations, so they have to work-out wherever they can find the space, such as in the racquetball court, weight room, etc.
  • Shared the story of how the real lone survivor, upon whom the movie "Lone Survivor" was based, spoke to the players.  He said "take that name off your jerseys.  What do you have?...We're all Buckeyes!"  Tim said you could see how affected & impressed the team was by the speech, & by the theme of all-for-one attitude.
  • Spoke of how they train & compete with the idea that they aren't doing it for themselves, but they are doing it "for all the people behind us."
  • Tim said that he teaches his players that "everyday is a job interview, and you don't know when or where you'll meet that someone who will change your life."
  • Train them basic things such as how to communicate, present themselves, and even how to handle their personal finances.
  • Touched on Spring Training, and the other training/conditioning sessions that are throughout the year.  They make sure they give the players time off, & team outings.
  • Even have their players come for dinners at their own homes.
  • Shared a story of how a former OSU player who is now a NFL player, came back to town.  The player invited some of the OSU head staff & a disabled boy, who has been a big OSU fan for years, all out to dinner at a Cameron Mitchell restaurant.  He also presented the boy with the newest style of LeBron James' shoes.  He did this all from his heart, not because he had to.
  • Told us of how all four of his brothers are football coaches, and they "are all competitive and won't listen to me!"
  • Mentioned how their staff are all "recruiting their butts off right now."
  • He extended his personal gratitude to all of us Buckeye fans for all that we do for the team.  Shared that when a player hugs him & says he loves him and all that he does, that makes all of his problems disappear.  "That is why I do what I do!"
  • He took a few questions to end the event.

Contact information:

None provided

January program schedule (submitted by Bob Sneed)

26th: The "Dreamland" book discussion

February program schedule:

2nd: Probate Court Update-Jan Long

9th:  Black History of Circleville-Deborah Lowe Wright

16th:  Pickaway Parks Update-Tom Davis and Marshall Fields

23rd:  Rural Urban Day at the Presbyterian Church


Presiding: Pres. Chris Mullins

Prayer: Warren Spangler

Piano: Ellery Elick

Intros: Don McIlroy

Song: Jim Hooks, "Wiffenpoof Song" and “We Are Rotary"

Absentees: Connie, Dolly, Gary D., Dan D., Jean, DJ, Dick F., Charles G., Larry H., Jack, Sr. Monica, Codi, Bob L., Bob M., Gerhard, Gary M., Dave M., Carly, Patty, Todd, Bill S., Tim Tener, Tim Throckmorton, Wayne, Tim W

Make-ups: None

Visiting Rotarians: None

Guests: Gary Joiner, with Ellery Elick; Jennifer Banney with Earl Palm

January birthdays: 5th - Bob Tootle; 13th - Jim River, Carly Neff; 22nd - Dave Webb; 23rd - Roger Wolfe, Clark Cellio; 24th - Fred Mavis; 25th - Wayne Vickers; 26th - Mike Dutton

January anniversaries: 3rd - Tad Grover; 4th - Tim Throckmorton; 7th - Bob Mabe

Student guests:  Jonathan Davis from Circleville High School introduced Dalton Lynn and Alexa Long.


  • Pres. Chris read a thank you note from Lisa Lightle of Westfall Elementery for the Dictionary Project donations.
  • Charlie Hedges presented a Paul Harris +6 pin to Dick Patrrick for his contributions to the Rotary Foundation.

SAA: Bob Tootle

  • Gary Scherer was fined for a variety of reasons, including the Governor’s veto of the Trees to Textbooks bill.
  • Don McIlroy for his daughter’s basketball performance
  • Craig and Joe Brown for the OCU men’s basketball record
  • Vince Yaniga for his retirement and the new director of SPVMH’s need to make a lot of changes
  • Ellery Elick for Toys for Tots
  • Dwight Radcliff and Judy Wolford for DARE
  • Tad Grover for his wedding anniversary
  • All members of high school or college wrestling teams, especially Dave Webb for the origin of the “Pretty Boy Dave” wrestler

Lottery:  Ben Reynolds had the winning tickets and received $15.  Since the golden bean was not drawn, the jackpot is now $303.

Intro:  Bob Sneed

Speaker(s): Steve Helwagen is a native of Circleville and 1986 graduate of Circleville High School. He graduated from The Ohio State University with a BA in Journalism in 1990.

He began covring high school sports for The Circleville Herald in 1987 and started covering OSU athletics for The Lantern student newspaper a year later. After graduation, he spent three years as the sports editor at The Herald and then two years at the editor of The Urbana Daily Citizen. For nine years he was the editor of Buckeye Sports Bulletin.

He moved to Bucknuts Media Network in 2003. He helped build the Bucknuts.com site into one of the largest in the Scout.com network and then into its current position as the largetst site in the 247Sports.com network.

During his career, Helwagen has been recognized in best writing contest sponsored by the Football Writers Association of America, the U.S. Basketball Writers Association and the Ohio Associated Pres.

He has also served as an OSU football analyst for Channel 4 and 6, Time Warner Cable, 97.1The Fan and 610 WTVN.

He and his wife, Amy Hoovler, live in Pataskala with their three children.


Steve feels lucky in making it here today. It is near his anniversary and he recalls that January when it was -20 degrees here (and +80 when he got to Cancun for his honeymoon). Today it is in the 60’s. Not bad for January.

He remarked on being among so many friends and aquaintenances. This comes from his time living and working in Circleville. After six years at The Herald, he went to Ohio State and really hasn’t left.

In covering OSU, he has been to 26 states. He has only missed three OSU football games since 1994. In that time, much has changed. It used to be that the only coverage was the newspaper or radio. Now everyone uses their smart phone to keep up-to-date. There is also a new school to follow with Luke Fickle and Torrence Gibson at the University of Cincinnati. 

Steve has written two books. The first covered the 2002 Championship game. The other is about the amazing process of the 2014 season.

There was not much to say about the 2016 playoff game. Te one thing Steve noted is that after the 2013 season when the defense was bad that Urban Myer “blew up” the defense. Does that mean that he will blow up the offense after the 2016 season. Steve thinks yes.

For 2017 there will be four starters back on both the offensive and defensive line. There will also be more games on Fox instead of so much on ESPN or ABC.

As for basketball, the team is not getting a lot accomplished so there either needs to be a turnaround or some changes will be made.

In answer to questions, Steve noted that J.T. Barrett’s season was not good. He noted a fall off in fundamentals, but also the line, the receivers, and the routes they ran were to blame. There is no question that the OSU season was driven by the defense.

College football has become a major business. In this industry, many have made a good living, but what has the effect been on the student-athletes?

Contact information:



January program schedule (submitted by Bob Sneed)

19th: Heath Hinton, OSU Football

26th: Community Read; Dreamland


Presiding: Pres. Chris Mullins

Prayer: Gary Montgomery

Piano: Don Metzler

Intros: Vince Yaniga

Song: Jim Hooks, Buckeye Fight Song (a mourning version), & second verse of Auld Lang Syne

Absentees: Joe Brown, Connie Chamberlain, Coyan, Crespo, Davis, Dan Delong, Dutton, Elick, Ewing, Charley Gerhardt, Dick Gerhardt, Gilles, Grover, Halm, Jack Hooks, Justinger, Lewis, Bob Liggett, Maroscher, Mavis, Moss, Radcliff, Scherer, Stevens, Stevenson, Stout, Tener, Throckmorton, Vickers, White, Williams

Make-ups: Sunrise - Gary Dean

Visiting Rotarians: None

Guests: Gary Joiner, by Bob McCrady; Mollie Hedges, by Charlie Hedges

January birthdays: 5th - Bob Tootle; 13th - Jim River, Carly Neff; 22nd - Dave Webb; 23rd - Roger Wolfe, Clark Cellio; 24th - Fred Mavis; 25th - Wayne Vickers; 26th - Mike Dutton

January anniversaries: 3rd - Tad Grover; 4th - Tim Throckmorton; 7th - Bob Mabe

Student guests:  None


  • Charlie Hedges: Rotary Foundation update; donations are coming in well, and we have only $2,300 left to make our 2016-2017 yearly goal!
  • Jamie Fountain: Tickets are for sale for PCN's annual Celebrity Roast, at Cook's Creek on 02/25/17 at 7PM.  Celebrity honoree/roastee will be Jeff Sheets.
  • Gary Montgomery: our next Community Soup Kitchen will be on 01/23/17 at Presbyterian Church.  A sign-up sheet is being passed around the room.
  • Pres Chris read two thank-you notes.
  • By e-mail: 
  • Rotary RI will be holding the 2017 RI Convention in Atlanta from June 10-14. The registration cost is $415 .which will end on Dec. 15.  Go to www.rotaryconvention2017.org to register &/or get more details.

SAA: Bob Tootle

   * Trivia quiz regarding college football, & restaurants

   * Fined all January birthdays

Lottery:  Ian Webb had the winning tickets and received $16.  Since the golden bean was not drawn, the jackpot is now $288.

Intro:  Bob Sneed

Speaker(s): Steve Stover, an Upper Arlington graduate, member of the rock band "The Ravens," retired after a successful law career.  He is also passionate about food.  Steve has taught cooking for 35 years, and has reviewed restaurants &  judged cooking for more than 30 years.  He currently teaches cooking at the Franklin Park Conservatory and The Seasoned Farmhouse in Columbus and speaks to community groups all over Central Ohio.

Steve had a weekly restaurant and food commentary program on the Bob Conners Show on 610WTVN AM radio for nearly 12 years (600 shows, 1996 - 2008).  From 1992 to 2004, he was the Ohio Editor for Zagat Survey, edited five Zagat Survey Ohio editions, and was a contributing editor for several editions of Zagat Survey America's Top Restaurants.  

Steve is currently a regular guest on Allsides on WOSU Radio, and a contributor to Edible Columbus magazine.  His restaurant reviews and food blog can be found at www.wosu.org/chefsinthecity. 

Highlights: (Below is a copy, submitted by Steve himself, of the speech he gave to us.)



Thursday, January 5, 2017

12/1 PM


Thanks, Bob Sneed, for the invitation, and thank you all for coming today (great turnout).

PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT OUR BLOG AT www.wosu.org/chefsinthecity or join me for one of my cooking classes at the Franklin Park Conservatory (next Tuesday) or Seasoned Farmhouse.

Our gift to you is our Historic Columbus Restaurants list; spawned by our speech to the Columbus Metropolitan Club, and it had grown incrementally in two years; let me know if you have an addition.

So buckle your eat belts, and get ready for a wild ride through the Columbus food scene, with all of the interesting and exciting things that are happening on the, the latest news and scandal, and the trends that are driving so many changes. 

Craft Beers and Artisan Cocktails  COCKTAILS BEFORE DINNER?

Craft Breweries on Tap

Today, craft breweries are everywhere.  There are 160 in Ohio, with 60 more in the planning stages, and there are now 30 craft breweries in Central Ohio, according to Mary MacDonald of the Ohio Craft Brewers Association. Cleveland's Platform Beer Co has renovated an old meat packing plant near Columbus State (408 N 6th) into a brewery and tap room featuring rotating pop up restaurants, and a patio and rooftop deck with views of the downtown skyline. And Gordon Biersch and Columbus Brewing alum Keith Jackson is planning to open Combustion Brewery and Taproom in Pickerington. Also, Hoster Brewing may reappear in the Brewery District.

UPDATE: Our friend Matthew Barbee of Rockmill Brewery, duly famous for Belgian-style craft beers down near Lancaster, has opened Rockmill Tavern, a brewpub in the Worley Building on Front St in the Brewery District. Chef Andrew Smith, formerly of Salt & Pine, has a small but wonderful menu of updated gastropub fare that has made this my top new restaurant of 2016!

And speaking of booze....

Local Distilleries and Artisan Cocktails are also big

Middle West Spirits (OYO), Watershed

Brothers Drake Meadery + a dozen or more craft microbreweries

Mouton, Curio +++ even making mixes and bitters

Breaking News (YOUR APPE-TEASER)

Breaking News (you heard it here first)

Cleveland star chef Jonathan Sawyer, winner of the prestigious James Beard Award as Best Chef Great Lakes, is considering a Columbus restaurant according to published reports. I talked to Jonathan's wife and nothing is imminent (real estate), but it would be great and a much-needed addition to Columbus.

Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse is coming to Columbus in the old 89 Fish + Grill location on Nationwide Blvd. Jeff Ruby is a long-time Cincinnati restauranteur; he has had numerous restaurants in Cinci, and now has three: Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse, the Precinct, and Carlo & Johnny (each of the three is a different steakhouse concept). It will open early this year after a major renovation. 

Veritas Tavern (Delaware), Top 10 restaurant (Cols Monthly #1), is opening at Gay & High this Spring

Veritas alum Silas Caeton will be the chef at Cosecha, Mexican from Harvest Pizzeria Chris Crader

Veritas alum Avishar Barua will be the chef at Sevice Bar, restaurant in Middle West Spirits

Watershed Distillery will also open a restaurant in their Grandview location

Crest Tavern folks taking over former Eddie George's Grille 27 location

Hot Chicken Takeover will open a restaurant in Clintonville this Spring

Also coming soon: Flowers & Bread, Steam Kitchen (N Market, Marcus Meacham)

Paul Panzera closed, then reopened Paul's Fifth Avenue

Haiku closed Dec 31; The Florentine closed December 23 after 70 years; Montgomery Inn closed

Barcelona celebrated 20 years; Thurn's 130 years; Schmidt's 130 years


Decline of Fine Dining, not just Columbus but around the world 

The most significant trend of the last ten years is the decline of fine dining.

After the closing of Handke's & Rosendale's in 2009, and the closing of L'Antibes and Rigsby's in 2015, only The Refectory and "M" remain, and perhaps a steakhouse or two. Matt Litzinger of the former L'Antibes told me that sustaining a fine dining restaurant requires a high volume, high income "sibling" to support it.  Recently the owners of Eleven Madison Park (#5 in the World, Michelin 3*, Zagat #4 in NYC) announced its new fast casual restaurant called Made Nice, where the average meal will cost $10 to $15.

There is another story about the decline in restaurant dining (eat in). In the last 30 years of so, we have gone from spending 65 percent of the food budget on grocery and 35 on restaurant dining to the opposite: we now spend 65 - 70% of the food dollar on restaurants and takeout, and only 30 - 35 percent on meals at home. And now, sit down restaurants, from Ruby Tuesday and Chili's to fine dining are losing ground to takeaway chains, which offer convenience and portability; food places without servers now represent 53 percent of the dining market. Think Northstar, Brassica, Sweet Carrot....

Rebirth of the Downtown Columbus  

            SOB (south of Broad), including. 4th & Summit/Third Streets; very casual, not fancy places 

Dirty Frank's, Camino, Little Palace, Mikey's, Walrus, Hadley's, Ccndado, de Novo, Salt & Pine

NOB Market Italian Village, Fox in the Snow, Cosecha, a new Mexican concept at 987 N 4th

German Village: Pistachia Vera, Skillet, Valter's at the Maennerchor, Westie's gastropub

Big News in the Tri Village Area 

And here is a quick listing of the many exciting new restaurants in the Tri Village area:

- The Avenue, the new Cameron Mitchell steak concept, opened in Feb on Grandview Avenue; 

- Brassica, the Middle Eastern concept from the Northstar folks, will open on Lane Avenue;

- Balboa, a new concept from the owner of Bodega in the Short North, opened this summer, in the old Shoku location, featuring Mexican & Southwestern food and a great patio;

- Palle by Moretti at 1021 W. Fifth Ave (meatball-centric, complete with bad puns)

- Press Pub, from the Press Grill folks, is open at 1505 W. Fifth Ave

- Fukuryu Ramen on Lane Ave (son of the family behind the Kahiki); 

- Sweet Carrot, in the old Rife's Market location, is planning to expand to Clintonville;

- Mezze Pita Bowls and Salads, 2051 W. Henderson (Chipotle-style); fast, fresh, delicious Middle Eastern food; and

- Eddie George's Grill 27 is now in the Buckeye Hall of Fame Grill location (OSU contract ran out); new location at the Columbus airport, plus one in Nashviille;

- Bonifacio, interesting new Filipino restaurant, opened Aug 1 at King Avenue and N Star;  

- Fortune Chinese, which just opened a second location on 161, with a dim sum menu;

- Butcher & Grocer, a new butcher shop, opened in early July on First Avenue;

- Paul's Fifth Avenue closed the end of July, but has now reopened, renovated; 

- also, let's support some of our treasures: Huffman's Market & Spagio.

Columbus Food Entrepreneurs (BRIEF)

A lot of the action on the Columbus restaurant scene is the result of several Columbus food entrepreneurs, who are opening not just one, but two or three or more restaurants. (have you heard of any of them?)

Northstar Cafe Kevin & Katy Malhame

Northstar Cafe Short North, Clintonville, Easton + Third & Hollywood; 

Northstar Westerville and Mason, near Cincinnati, are coming soon

Brassica, Middle Eastern, in the former Betty's location (Chipotle style, with pita base)

another Brassica coming on Lane Avenue

The Crest

The Crest Gastropub 

Market Italian Village

Alchemy Juice Bar, a smoothie, health food place near Children's Hospital

Crest Gastropub at Parsons & Livingston Aves

Hoof Hearted BrewPub & Kitchen, 850 N 4th, 614-401-4033; www.hoofhearted.bar; open late--try to say the name out loud and quickly (get it?)--taking over the Campus Gateway spot formerly Eddie George's Grille 27

Chris Crader 

Harvest Pizzeria, Harvest Bar + Kitchen (on N High St in Clintonville)

The Sycamore

Salt & Pine downtown at Main & High (eclectic menu moderne); new chef

Coming soon: Harvest Pizzeria Dublin and Cosecha, a new Mexican concept at 987 N 4th

Harvest Pizza Cincinnati

Brian Swanson



Hadley's Bar + Kitchen 

(Grandview Cafe)

Cameron Mitchell

Breaking News Cameron Mitchell plans to open two new restaurants in Dublin. I spoke with Steve Weis, Vice President of Development for Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, and he told me that there will be an updated version of Cap City Diner in the huge new Dublin complex on the NE corner of Riverside and SR 161; it will include a new look, menu tweaks, large dining room and patio; it will open July 2017; Across the pedestrian bridge in old Dublin, just north of Oscars, there will be second Avenue Steak Tavern.

The Avenue Steak Tavern on Grandview Ave has generated a lot of buzz  

The Guild House artisan food, mostly small plates at The Joseph (Le Meridian)

(NEW) Ocean Prime Beverly Hills (fall 2014) & NYC (spring 2015) & Boston (just opened)

+ 10 other locations, with Washington DC coming in October, Naples, FL in December

Coming: Marcella's in Denver

14 different concepts (keeps our friend Brian Hinshaw very busy)

And who knew, City Barbeque now has 30 stores (even NC) and Jeni's has 23!


Our Favorite New Restaurants 

Top New Restaurants of the Last Couple of Years

The Guild House, our top new restaurant of 2015

La Tavola, our top new restaurant of 2014; Crave Magazine "top ten new restaurants" 2014

Veritas Tavern in Delaware, Columbus Monthly "best new restaurant of the year" 2013

Kraft House #5, Crave Magazine "best new restaurant of the year" 2014

Wolf's Creek - Top Ten in Crave Magazine (lunch)

Hot Chicken Takeover

Rockmill Tavern

Our Favorite Restaurants

Some of Our Favorite Restaurant to Visit When Not Doing a Review (How many have you tried?)

Basi Italia (Johnny Dornbach & Trish Gentile)

Kihachi (Mike Kimura)

G Michael's (David Tetzloff & Jeff Benson)

Refectory, including the bistro menu (especially with a "10 for $10" wine tasting)

La Tavola - Rick Lopez cooks every plate

The Guild House

Guiseppe's Ritrovo

Old favorites:



The Top  

Casual: Cuco's Tacqueria, Lavash (Middle Eastern); Hot Chicken Takeover

SPECIAL MENTION: though not full service, gourmet restaurants, these are the 

BEST in their category, and as good as any in the country

Pistacia Vera - second store at the North Market (#1 in Zagat & Trip Advisor)


City Barbeque

Jeni's Ice Cream

Admonition: get out of your geographical and culinary comfort zone

Kihachi; Hot Chicken Takeover, Bonifacio, Fortune Chinese dim sum


Contact information:

None provided

January program schedule (submitted by Bob Sneed)

12th: Steve Helewagen, sports reporter and author

19th: TBA

26th: TBA

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