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Presiding: Pres. Chris Mullins

Prayer: Harry Canfield

Piano: Ellery Elick

Intros: Judy Wolford

Song: Ellery Elick "America The Beautiful" (3rd verse) & "Battle Hymn of the Republic" 

Absentees: Applegate, Beavers, Craig Brown, Tony Chamberlain, Conley, Crespo, Dailey, Davis, Droste, Dutton, Elsea, Ewing, Fountain, Good, Halm, Justinger, Lewis, Maroscher, Mavis, McIlroy, Montgomery, Neff, Pontius, Reynolds, Sigmon, Stevens, Tener, Throckmorton, Vickers, White, Williams, Wolfe, Yaniga

Make-ups: None

Visiting Rotarians: None

Guests: Janet Spangler, by Warren Spangler

November birthdays:5th - Sister Monica; 10th - Amy Elsea; 15th - Larry Powell; 25th - Dick Gerhardt;27th - Don Metzler

November anniversaries:23rd - Heidi White; 24th - Dick Fullen, Tim Tener; 25th - Ed Peters, Ned Schreiner; 26th - Mark Taylor, 27th - Amy Elsea

Student guests: Andrea Brown, of Westfall High School, introduced two students, Paige Kirby (AKA Miss Pumpkin Show 2016) & Paul Link


  • Debbie Hoffman: Our next Rotary After Hours event (with Sunrise Rotary) will be on Nov 30th  4:30-6:30pm at Shifty's.
  • Jim River: Wreaths Across America, deadline for money is Nov 28th; placement of wreaths will be on Dec. 17th, beginning at 10AM.  Goal is to put a wreath on every military veteran in Pickaway County.
  • Pres. Chris shared a thank-you card & photo from the youth soccer team that our club sponsored
  • Nov 28th is our next Community Kitchen event; Tim Tener is stepping down, & Gary Montgomery has volunteered to take project over.

SAA: Bob Tootle

  • Dave Moss: for writing a letter to the newspaper
  •  Patty Rothe: for son, Nick, being a member of the CMS' Anti-Bullying Committee
  •  Congrats (& a fine) to all elected officials, and even to those who didn't  win their races.
  •  All veterans were asked to stand & be recognized.
  • Concluded with a Veteran's Day trivia quiz.

Lottery: Jim Hooks had the winning tickets and received $9.  Since the golden bean was not drawn, the jackpot is now $218.

Intro:  Dave Webb

Speaker(s): Dr. Jimmy Laux, who was kind enough to volunteer as a last-minute substitute speaker.  Jimmy served during Desert Storm, and is also a member of Circleville's Sunrise Rotary Club.


*This year is the 25th anniversary of Desert Storm

*Volunteered to do this presentation to "help me get work through a lot of stuff."

*Speciality was as a military medic

*Spoke briefly about the upcoming movie "Hacksaw Ridge," and how he could identify with the main character's service as a medic.

*He has been helping people medically since he was 19 years old, so people have been calling him "Doc" since then.

*He has a lot of military members in his family, including his own son & son-in-law.

*Spoke of how he was originally stationed in Italy, 140 miles south of the Kawati border.

*Shared some of his personal experiences and thoughts while he served there.  He worked so much that he began sleeping in his medical mask & scrubs.

*Explained that the numbers of troops at his base went from 500 to 1,000 to 1,500!

*He spoke of how much they appreciated the fellow service members who had served in Vietnam & other wars/conflicts.  

*In an effort to "get away from all of his medical work," he volunteered for a special project to clean oil from birds on the beach.  He said it was an awesome opportunity, in which he befriended people from all over the world as well as a group of local women.

*Shared a good-sized display of his personal memorabilia from the war, such as a paycheck, photos, soda cans, t-shirts, leaflets dropped from planes, etc.

*VSO: Veterans Service Office.  Jimmy strongly recommends that if you are a veteran, to please use the services of that office.

*Chillicothe VA Medical Center: spoke briefly of the facility

*Jimmy said that he & his fellow troops were greeted warmly, not like the hostile reception the Vietnam Vets had received years ago.

*Mentioned how "shocking" it was to see colors in the landscape, such as grass, after being in the desert for so long, where everything was pale.

Contact information:

Jimmy Laux

(None provided)

Pickaway County Veterans' Office

141 W. Main St., Suite 300

Circleville, OH 43113

#(740) 474-3650, or (888) 330-3522

FAX: (740) 474-4646

November program schedule (submitted by Bob Liggett):

17th: Pumpkin Show Booth wrap-up & perhaps pumpkin ice cream/floats

24: No meeting - Happy Thanksgiving!

December program schedule (not received yet)


Presiding: Vice-President Gary Dean

Prayer: Joe Brown

Piano: Ellery

Intros: Drexel

Song:  Ellery played the piano and led the singing of #69, "Smile, Sing a Song" and #70 ”Viva La Rotary"

Absentees:Ty, Scott, Angela, Craig, Dolly, Dan Dailey, Jonathan, Dan DeLong, Mike D., Joy, Tad, Dan F., Jerry G., Charles G., Richard G., Jack, Sr. Monica, Codi, Bob M., Gerhard, Fred, Don, Dave M., Chris, Jessica, Carly, Mike P., Jim R., Patty, Gary S., Todd, Tim Tener, Tim Throckmorton, Wayne, Tim W., Vince

Make ups: Circleville Sunrise; Judy and Jayme

Visiting Rotarians: Circleville Sunrise; Jim Laux and Gayule Spangler

Guests: Ian brought Shawna Hartsaugh

Students: Pam Youngkin, Teays Valley HS brought two senior students. 

Logan Graves is student body VP, FOR (Friends of Rachael anti-bullying) Club leader and wants to attend OSU and study psychology.

Mason Samlow is active in golf, baseball, student council, and FOR He plans to attend Arizona State in business.


  • Bob Sneed, DG Steve suggested that the best way to recruit a new club prospect is to have them attend a Rotary event. Bob invited anyone to contact him about having guests participate in the Dictionary Project. Just contact Bob.

SAA: Tom Tootle

Birthdays—the only ones present were Amy, Don, and Roxann

Anniversaries—Amy, Dick Fullen, Ned Schreiner, Heidi

LE volleyball in regional final—Amy

In The Herald, from May, Stooge Club—Bob Johnson, Dick Fullen, Bill Stout (but not the same year)

World Series trivia, Pete Rose was only one of two to win MVP as a switch hitter

Lottery:  Amy Elsea ran the drawing. Debbie Hoffman had the winning ticket and won $13. The  jackpot grew to $209 because the golden bean was not drawn.

Intro: Bob Liggett, introduced today's program by mentioning that John Prince lined up this program, several months ago. In light of John’s passing, this makes it a special gift from John.

Speaker(s): Sharon Jeanneret, PJ Tosca 

Highlights: "Touched by Cancer"


  • Breast cancer, mastectomy, 13 rounds of chemo
  • A massage therapist so she knew the advantages, also yoga
  • Life control is taken away; massage is a safe place to get away from that
  • Talked with Sharon--nothing in the area
  • Patients are under stress, including financially so this is one way to help by giving free massage
  • More depressed, less active, feeling worse--yoga helps get them moving, massage helps with stress and range of motion issues
  • Got training at MD Anderson; but even there, the patients have to pay for the massage
  • Works with all kinds of cancer patients
  • Want to reach out--give a call


  • Post-traumatic growth
  • Will learn more about cancer than ever wanted to and do something about it
  • Which meant PJ pulled Sharon along in this service
  • Connecting patients into a support group
  • Want to give them the optimal conditions to get through--change the environment
  • Giving "go-to" skills
  • Get foundation of trusting the body back
  • Getting rid of barriers, fears, not wanting to be touched

Work with patients from diagnosis to one-year after treatment

The sooner the better in starting

No contraindications--just need to be aware of medications and treatments

Did one two hours after bone marrow surgery

Even if can't exercise, can learn the strategies to care

They are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization

Massages are done at Circleville Physical Therapy or at home

Encourage people to come so they are "up and moving"

Speaker's contact info:

Sharon Jeanneret, 614-404-0334

PJ Tosca, 614-736-0483



Donations made on behalf of our speakers for this Rotary year will go to Pickaway County Food Pantry.

 VP. Gary concluded the meeting by asking us to recite the Rotary 4-Way Test in unison.

Meeting adjourned.

November program schedule (submitted by Bob Liggett):

10th: Veteran's Program

17th: Pumpkin Show Booth wrap-up & perhaps pumpkin ice cream/floats

24: No meeting - Happy Thanksgiving!

December program schedule (not received yet)

Until something better comes along,

Joe McNemar


Presiding: Pres. Chris Mullins

Prayer: Richard Coyan

Piano: Don Metzler

Intros: Matt Tootle

Song: Warren Spangler, "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" & "Roll Rotary”--Jean Droste lost her bet, and had to wear a foam hat version of the OSU Horseshoe.

Absentees: Ankrom, Craig Brown, Connie Chamberlain, Tony Chamberlain, Crespo, Dailey, Dan Delong, Dutton, Ewing, Fouts, Charley Gerhardt, Good, Grover, Justinger, Lewis, Mabe, Mavis, Montgomery, Moss, Palm, Richendollar, Scherer, Sigmon, Stevens, Throckmorton, Vickers, Yaniga, White, Williams

Make-ups: District Meeting - Gary Dean, Ian Webb

Visiting Rotarians: None

Guests: Janet Spangler, by Warren Spangler

October birthdays: 4th - Eric Liggett; 5th - Charley Gerhardt; 6th - Norm Wilson; 7th - Bob Sneed; 9th - Mark Taylor; 12th - Ty Ankrom; 13th - Charlie Hedges; 19th - Bill Richards; 22nd - Drexel Poling; 27th - Don Metzler; 28th - Dick Fullen

October anniversaries: 20th - Earl Palm; 26th - Dick Patrick

November birthdays:5th - Sister Monica; 10th - Amy Elsea; 15th - Larry Powell; 25th - Dick Gerhardt;27th - Don Metzler

November anniversaries:23rd - Heidi White; 24th - Dick Fullen, Tim Tener; 25th - Ed Peters, Ned Schreiner; 26th - Mark Taylor, 27th - Amy Elsea

Student guests: Erika Konowalow, of PRCTC, introduced two students, Jade Raines (LEHS is home school) & Larry Hamp (CHS is home school)


  • PRCTC flyer: Career-Tech Kids Day on Nov. 19th from 9AM - 12:30PM.    At Pickaway Ross CTC.  This is a free & exciting half-day career camp for 2nd-8th grade children. For more information, call 740-642-1254.  To register, go to www.SignUpGenius.com/go/4090E44A9AD2FA5F49-career
  • Jim River: Passed around the order form for the Wreaths across America program.  The deadline is the 3rd week in December, and our goal is to put a wreath on every soldiers' grave in Pickaway County.
  • Charlie Hedges: his father Jasper will be 100 yrs old on Nov. 3rd.  There will be party at Pickaway Manor, and Charlie invites everyone to come join his father in this milestone celebration.
  • P3 will be hosting their annual Investor Reception @ Cooks Creek
  • Tim Tener: Thanked the sole person who helped at the last Community Kitchen...Bob Sneed!  Nov 28th is next one at Circleville's Presbyterian Church.  Food prep starts at 3:30PM, and meal service begins at 5PM.
  • Jim Hooks: Gave an summary of how the Rotary Big Wheel Race went last week.  Despite the rain, it was successful and fun was still had by all!
  • Pres. Chris: 
    1. Thank-you to all that helped with the trash pick-up day last week
    2. Thank you for all who helped before, during, & after Pumpkin Show with our Pumpkin Show booth, especially Bob McCrady who was the coordinator of that aspect.
    3. There are 5 pumpkin pies left, for $10 each.  Please see Bob McCrady.

SAA: Ellery Elick

*Mayor Don McIlroy: in newspaper for Wyngate's ribbon cutting ceremony

*Amy Elsea: for taking the photo of Wyngate's ceremony

*Mike Pelcic & Jessica Mullins: for being in the newspaper 3 times each, but only fined once each.

*Charlie Hedges: for his wife, Mollie, being in the newspaper.

*Tim Williams: for Loan Elm High School girls volleyball victory!

*OU graduates: for OU Band playing in Pumpkin Show parade

*Bob Liggett: receiving second place for his giant pumpkin 

*Larry Halm, on Tim Colburn's behalf: for Tim being in the newspaper

*Drexel Poling: for Hummel & Plum's new advertising campaign where there's an animated caricature of Drexel as a super hero.

*Pres. Chris: his finger injury from scooping so much pumpkin ice cream

*All those who who participate in the Pumpkin Show were recognized.

*Thank you to all who bought something at Pumpkin Show this year, and those who didn't were fined.

Lottery: Dave Webb had the winning tickets and received $15.  Since the golden bean was not drawn, the jackpot is now $196.

Intro:  Jonathan Davis

Speaker(s): Chris Thornsley, CHS Principal, Mollie Hedges, and two CHS students, Dylan Brooks & Mckenzie Kinnaman.  They spoke about a newly implement anti-drug program called, Club Future, which is part of the Drug Free Clubs of America.


*Spoke briefly about their organization & Board of Directors, which are fellow students.

*She brought some of the Parent Resource Directories that they distributed at the event.

*PAAC: Pickaway Action Addiction Coalition

*PAAC's goal is to rid our community of drug addiction

*Mollie's personal goal is to hire a "Drug Czar" for our community

*She shared the list of all of those who spoke at the PAAC's Town Hall Community meeting regarding drug addictions & abuse issues.  They ranged from Sheriff Rob Radcliff to a mother whose son is a recovering addict.

*Berger Health Systems does the drug testing, and the results are reported back to the parents directly.

*Mollie hopes to work with Sheriff Rob Radcliff to organize another Drug Drop-Off Day.

*Mollie introduced CHS Principal Chris Thornsley, who then introduced two of the Club Future's student participants, Dylan & Mckenzie 

*Chris gave a brief history of how CHS pursued this national program, and of how it is only three years old.

*Club Future is a group that students voluntary join, with permission of their parents.  They agree to submit to random drug tests almost every month. In return, the participants receive many different rewards, such as free senior pictures taken from a local photographer, discounts from BW's restaurant, etc.  The test results are also shared with the students' parents in order to create a solid support system for the student.

*Chris also shared a specific example of how the program has already helped a set of parents to identify that their child had an substance abuse issue.

*210 kids have pledged so far to the Club Future program, which far exceeded their original projection of 50-60 students.

*Costs are $67/student, but they only charge students $15 each.  Therefore, the school is looking to community businesses & individuals to sponsor one or more students.

*Chris shared a presentation board that showed different aspect of this program.  On this board was a list of some of reasons students gave for wanting to be a part of the program.

*It is not a punitive program but a reward-based one, and it is not tied into the athletic program.

*They passed out forms to sponsor one or more students.  Any amount you can donate would be greatly appreciated. Please consider helping this proactive program!

*It is a national program based out of Cincinnati, and began about 3 years ago.

*Club Future will then crunch the numbers at the end of the year, and will share those results with the school & parents

*They've chosen to organize as a Board of Directors structure, made up of students, to help steer the program.

*Their goal is to get this program set up at CMS next year, and then hopefully later to CES.  The CHS Club Future students are wanting to interact directly with the CMS & CES students.

*They hope to create a friendly competition with the other community schools in our county.  Perhaps have a trophy or plaque that travels to whichever school wins for that time period.

*Dylan & Mckenzie shared some of their personal experiences of how the program has been beneficial so far to those who are participating, and how it has gained interest of those who hadn't joined yet.  

*Chris pointed out that not only is this program rewarding those who aren't using drugs, but it also helps entice those who are "on the fence."  It can also provide a convenient excuse for those experiencing peer pressure to use drugs.  The student can use the random drug testing as the needed help to say "no" to drug use.

*Mckenzie shared that she felt that the best time to reach students is when the school year begins &/or a student first starts at our school system.

Contact information:

Club Future 

c/o Chris Thornsley, Principal

Circleville High School

388 Clark Drive

Circleville, OH 43113


Or c/o Drug Free Clubs of America

10361 Spartan Dr.

Cincinnati, OH 45215

(877) 929-3322

November program schedule (submitted by Bob Liggett):

3rd: Touched by Cancer - PJ Tosca & Sharon Jeanneret 

10th: Veteran's Program

17th: Pumpkin Show Booth wrap-up & perhaps pumpkin ice cream/floats

24: No meeting - Happy Thanksgiving!

December program schedule (not received yet)

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