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Presiding: VP Bob

Invocation:  Offered by Norm

Piano:  Ellery

Introductions by Tony:

         Bob Liggett—Jo Liggett

         Earl Palm—Emilio Rodregras

         Heather Foll—Ann & Scott Allen

Absentees: Ty, Angela, Craig, Curtis, Richard C., Jonathan, John E., Joy, Jayme, Tad, Charlie, H., Debbie, Steve I., Sr. Monica, Gerhard, Don, Mike P., Dwight, Jenny, Rick R., Patty, Gary S., Warner, Roxan, Todd, Bill S., Matt, Bonnie, Wayne, Dave W., Ian, Judy, Vince

Make ups: eClubOne—Charlie Hedge

November bithdays: 5th-Sister Monica; 8th - Jonanthan Davis; 10th-Amy Elsea; 20th -Warner Searls; 25th-Dick Gerhardt; 27th- Don Metzler

November anniversaries: 23rd-Heidi White; 24th-Dick Fullen; 25th-Ned Schreiner; 27th-Amy Elsea

December birthdays: 12th - Judy Wolford; 13th - John Ellis

December anniversaries: 4th - Craig Brown; 9th - Vince Yaniga; 17th - Bob McCrady; 20th - Charlie Hedges; 21st - Dwight Radcliff

Songs:  Leader: Heidi White

#1: Joy to the World

#2:  Jingle Bells

Students: Erika Konowalow—Pickaway Ross Career & Technology Center

  • Emily Allen—Interactive Digital Arts, dancer at Y, Logan Elm Marching Band, loves meeting new people
  • Jaquan Williamson—Westfall, military, law enforcement (mace, gas, fingerprinting, investigation), goal as Deputy Sheriff 


  • Pumpkin Show Band Concert, Sunday, December 9, 2018 at 3:00 pm, Emmett Chapel, 318 Tarlton Rd, Circleville
  • Pancakes with Santa, Saturday, December 8, 2018 9:00-1:00 pm, Pickaway-Ross Career & Technology Center, 895 Crouse Chapel Rd, Chillicothe
  • Chamber after Hours, December 13, 2018 5:00-7:00 pm, hosted by Kingston National Bank, 301 N. Court St., Circleville
  • Wreaths across America, service opportunity, 10:30 am at Forest Cemetery, Saturday, December 15
  • Date Night at the Soup Kitchen, thanks from Bob Sneed
  • Joe Brown, Festival of Carols at OCU this Saturday and Sunday

SAA:  Bob Mabe

  • Anniversaries in November
  • Birthdays in November
  • Gary Sherer honored
  • Jon Davis, articles in newspaper
  • Tim Williams, LE, paid by alumnae
  • Bob Johnson, articles in newspaper
  • Dan Fouts had to pay for Dan Fout Veterans Hunt
  • Carly Neff Christmas tree at Pumpkin Show Park
  • Amy Elsea for upcoming events
  • Tony Chamberlain needing to hire new Fire Chief
  • Savings Bank
  • OCU Christmas events—Joe Brown
  • Surprise Grants--city

Lottery winner:  Gary Montgomery won $11. The big pot grew to $66

Program:  Butterfly Propigation with Jane Shaw

Introduced by: Bob Liggett

Getting posters right side up

Getting video screen to open

Anyone like honey, fruit, etc.—need Monarch Butterflys

“Buckeye” is still flitting around the foster house—born October 15th (still warm), they do not reproduce until return from Mexico

300-700 eggs (one egg per leaf as a survival strategy)

4 generations per year

Butterfly swamp weed—saw 26 caterpillars on one leaf

Asked neighbors to not mow until after frost 

Did an event at Rhodes Garden Center about pollinator plants (butterfly swamp weed, butterfly weed, asters, etc.)

Nursed along in a 2 quart jar

Eggs are so small—and need one egg per leaf

Egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly

Male can be distinguished by two dark spots on the veins

Caterpillars sheds skin 4 times

Hatching is the most vulnerable because of wings

Return to the location of hatching

Endangered species but not on the list because it’s a bug

Planting milkweed because they have no food or location to plant eggs on—freestanding native milkweed

Hoping to get all 88 counties to have a pollinating garden

Spring--white clover and dandelion 

Summer--Zinnias, cosmos

Fall--Asters, goldenrod, ironweed

Collecting pods all around the county and Ross County

USDA doesn’t allow mowing of drainways for nesting birds until June—setting aside area for pollinator plants


Moment of silence for Jack Hooks.


Contact Information: Jane Shaw

 Meeting was concluded by reciting the Rotary 4-Way Test.

December 2018 Programs

6th: Haven House, Lisa Johnson

13th:  Cynthia Braswell and the Circleville High School Choir

20th:  Christmas music performed by Drexel and gang

28th:  No meeting – break

January 2019 Programs

3rd: Historic preservation of theaters, Charissa Durst

10th:  US Marshals, Deputy US Marshal Brad Fleming.

17th:  AFS foreign exchange student program    

24th:  Are employers prepared for medical marijuana? Kofi Semenya

Until something better comes along...

Joe McNemar

© Rotary Club of Circleville, Ohio 2015