* Logo apparel | Rotary Club of Circleville, Ohio, USA | Joseph G. McNemar

Logo apparel

1.    Go to https://business.landsend.com

2.   Go to top right and click My Account then choose Create an Account.

3.   Fill in information for new customer and click Create an Account.

 4.   This brings you back to the main screen.  Click My Account.  Click Manage Account.

 5.   Click Associate a Logo to my Account under the LOGO LIBRARY section.

6.   Fill in the following:

a.   Logo Reference Number – 1508541

b.   Customer Number – 6956321


8.   Choose your item and pick size and quantity.

9.   Click APPLY LOGO

10.                  Select A Logo

11.                  Select a Location

12.                  Click APPLY LOGO

13.                  Click ADD TO BAG


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