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June 2019 programs:

6th: History of funeral business - Ashley Thacker, Scheodinger Funeral

13th: Amanda Knotts from Brooks Yates

20th: Literacy program—Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library - David Fausnaugh

27th: Changing of the Guard

June 2019 Program Committee

Chair:  Heather Foll

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Bob Sneed

Song Leader:  Jayme Fountain

Co-Chair:  Mike Pelcic

Program Asst:  New Member

July 2019 programs:

4th: Independence Day—No meeting

11th: Brian Stewart, County Commissioner

18th: Sheree Reray, Chief Warden, Pickaway Co. Dog Shelter

25th: Debbie Rybinski, Applied Therapies, Massage As Therapy

July 2019 Program Committee

Chair:  John Ellis

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Debbie Hoffman

Song Leader:  Norm Wilson

Co-Chair:  Joe McNemar

August 2019 Programs

1st: Dr. Christopher Hoch, OSU Marching Band Director

8th: Brandon Smith, CEO/Producer, Tecumseh

15th: Dr. Rustin Moore, Dean of OSU College of Vet Medicine -"The Power of Pets"

22nd: Ann Culek, Slate Run Living Historical Farm

29th: Dr. Jon Kulaga, President of OCU

August 2019 Program Committee

Chair:  David Crawford

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Charlie Hedges

Song Leader:  Jim Hooks

Co-Chair:  Marie Crawford

September 2019 Program Committee

Chair:  Ty Ankrom

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Don McIlroy

Song Leader:  Jennifer Rainey

Co-Chair:  Dick Gerhardt

October 2019 Program Committee

Chair:  Steve Irwin

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Tom Tootle

Song Leader:  Tad Grover

Co-Chair:  Bob Liggett

November 2019 Program Committee

Chair:  Charlie Hedges

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Bob Sneed

Song Leader:  Gary Dean

Co-Chair:  Heidi White

December 2019 Program Committee

Chair:  Bob Tootle

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Bob Mabe

Song Leader:  Don Ritchie

Co-Chair:  Jessica Mullins

January 2020 Program Committee

Chair:  Carly Neff

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Earl Palm

Song Leader: Barry Adams

Co-Chair:  Warren Spangler

February 2020 Program Committee

Chair:  Bob Sneed

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Judy Wolford

Song Leader:  Adam Johnson

Co-Chair:  Roxan Sigmon

March 2020 Program Committee

Chair:  Ellery Elick

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Beth Kowalski

Song Leader:  Jayme Fountain

Co-Chair: Ned Reigel

April 2020 Program Committee

Chair:  Dan Fouts

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Dave Webb

Song Leader:  Bob Foster

Co-Chair:  Norm Wilson

May 2020 Program Committee

Chair:  Richard Coyan

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Amy Elsea

Song Leader:  Marie Crawford

Co-Chair:  Heather Foll

June 2020 Program Committee

Chair:  Dave Webb

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Heather Foll

Song Leader:  Mike Pelcic

Co-Chair:  Ian Webb

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