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August 2017 Programs

3rd:  Circleville sports

10th:  Logan Elm sports

17th:  New Hope sports

24th:  Teays Valley sports

31st:  Westfall sports

August 2017 Program Committee

Scott Applegate, Chair

Jonathan Davis, Co-Chair

Tim Tener, Sergeant-at-Arms

NEW, Song Leader

Beth Kowalski, Program Assistant

September 2017 Programs

7th:  David Crawford & Norm Wilson, beekeeping

14th:  Mary Jane Dean & Stan Summers, International Rotary Convention

21st:  Our Rotary Club Outing at Cook's Creek

28th:  Rotary District Governor Pyle

September 2017 Program Committee

Chair: Connie Chamberlain

Sergeant-at-Arms: Dave Webb 

Song Leader: Warren Spangler

Member: Tony Chamberlain

Member: Jayme Fountain

October 2017 Programs

5th:  Project Ohio. About Ohio's Co op electric company's employees work in Nicaragua.

12th:  New Hope School update

19th:  See you at The Big Wheel Race at 12:30

26th:  Ellery will give us a guided tour of the court house via pictures.

October 2017 Program Committee

Chair: Richard Coyan

Sergeant-at-Arms: Ellery Elick

Song Leader: Amy Elsea

Member:  Gary Joyner

Member: Tad Grover

November 2017 Program Committee

Chair: Bob Liggett

Sergeant-at-Arms: Tom Tootle

Song Leader:  Heidi White

Member: Dick Gerhardt

Member: Craig Brown

December 2017 Program Committee

Chair: Jessica Mullins

Sergeant-at-Arms: Debbie Hoffman

Song Leader: Dolly Crespo

Member: Cody Lewis

Member: Jennifer Rainey

January 2018 Program Committee

Chair: Bob Sneed

Sergeant-at-Arms: Bob Tootle

Song Leader: Jim Hooks

Member: Tim Williams

Member: Dick Patrick

February 2018 Program Committee

Chair: Charley Hedges

Sergeant-at-Arms: Don McIlroy

Song Leader: Norm Wilson

Member: Jerry Good

Member: Ned Reigel

March 2018 Program Committee

Chair: Dave Webb

Sergeant-at-Arms: Bob Sneed

Song Leader: Walt Spangler

Member: Jim River

Member: Matt Tootle

April 2018 Program Committee

Chair: Roxan Sigmon

Sergeant-at-Arms: Vince Yaniga

Song Leader: Mike Pelcic

Member: Joy Ewing

Member: Earl Palm

May 2018 Program Committee

Chair: Eric Liggett

Sergeant-at-Arms: Judy Wolford

Song Leader: Dave Moss

Member: Gerhard Maroscher

Member: Dan Dailey

June 2018 Program Committee

Chair: Heidi White

Sergeant-at-Arms: Jayme Fountain

Song Leader:  Jessica Mullins

Member: Ben Reynolds

Member: Bob Johnson

July 2018 Program Committee

Chair: Tony Chamberlain

Sergeant-at-Arms: Bob Mabe

Song Leader:  Carly Rhoads

Member: Gary Montgomery

Member:  Roger Wolfe

August 2018 Program Committee

Chair: Scott Applegate

Sergeant-at-Arms: Jonathan Davis

Song Leader: Angela Beavers



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