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February 2019 Programs

7th: Make A Wish - Kate Quinn

14th: One Book/One Community - Heather Foll

21st: Walking the Pacific Crest Trail - Victor & Alisha Riffle

28th: Rural-Urban Day, Presbyterian Church @ 11:30 am

February 2019 Program Committee

Chair:  Richard Coyan

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Beth Kowalski

Song Leader:  Sam Shapiro

Co-Chair:  Ned Riegel

Program Asst:  Joy Ewing

March 2019 Program Committee

Chair:  Eric Liggett

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Don McIlroy

Song Leader:  Jenny Rainey

Co-Chair:  Matt Tootle

Program Asst:  Dolly Crespo

April 2019 Program Committee

Chair:  Dave Webb

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Angela Beavers

Song Leader:  Debbie Hoffman

Co-Chair:  Gary Dean

Program Asst:  Heidi White

May 2019 Program Committee

Chair:  Roxan Sigmon

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Judy Wolford

Song Leader:  Norm Wilson

Co-Chair:  Jim Hooks

Program Asst:  John Ellis

June 2019 Program Committee

Chair:  Heather Foll

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Bob Sneed

Song Leader:  Jayme Fountain

Co-Chair:  Mike Pelcic

Program Asst:  New Member

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