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June 2018 Programs

7th:  Jan Shannonn. Pickaway County Community Foundation

14th:  Marc To hold.  Pickaway County Dog Warden. 

21st:   Keith Summers.  On the Pumpkin Show Park on North Court St. 

28th:  Changing fo the Guard 

June 2018 Program Committee

Chair: Heidi White

Sergeant-at-Arms: Jayme Fountain

Song Leader:  Jessica Mullins

Member: Ben Reynolds

Member: Bob Johnson

July 2018 Programs

5th: No meeting

12th:  Live Strong/YMCA   Speaker: Susie Birdsong

19th:  Pickaway County Housing Authority   Speaker:  Kim Hartinger

26th: Pickaway Works Project      Speaker:  Christy Mills

July 2018 Program Committee

Chair: Tony Chamberlain

Sergeant-at-Arms: Bob Mabe

Song Leader:  Carly Rhoads

Member: Gary Montgomery

Member:  Roger Wolfe

August 2018 Program Committee

Chair: Scott Applegate

Sergeant-at-Arms: Jonathan Davis

Song Leader: Angela Beavers



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