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March 2018 Programs

1st:  Everts Hill update.  (Old high school)

8th:  Tom Davis Pickaway Parks update

15th:  Sofidel.   Update

22nd:  Your next car technology by Bob Havey

29th:  Jarrod Burks; Ohio Valley Archeology

March 2018 Program Committee

Chair: Dave Webb

Sergeant-at-Arms: Bob Sneed

Song Leader: 

Member: Jim River

Member: Matt Tootle

April 2018 Programs

5th:  Eleventh Candle Company; human trafficking and addiction

11th:  Commissioners Whipple & Stewart; Fairgrounds project

19th: Kristen May; Pickaway Arts & Life Center Project

26th: Hank Harned and Kathleen Young; "Start Talking"

April 2018 Program Committee

Chair: Roxan Sigmon

Sergeant-at-Arms: Vince Yaniga

Song Leader: Mike Pelcic

Member: Joy Ewing

Member: Earl Palm

May 2018 Program Committee

Chair: Eric Liggett

Sergeant-at-Arms: Judy Wolford

Song Leader: Dave Moss

Member: Gerhard Maroscher

Member: Dan Dailey

June 2018 Program Committee

Chair: Heidi White

Sergeant-at-Arms: Jayme Fountain

Song Leader:  Jessica Mullins

Member: Ben Reynolds

Member: Bob Johnson

July 2018 Program Committee

Chair: Tony Chamberlain

Sergeant-at-Arms: Bob Mabe

Song Leader:  Carly Rhoads

Member: Gary Montgomery

Member:  Roger Wolfe

August 2018 Program Committee

Chair: Scott Applegate

Sergeant-at-Arms: Jonathan Davis

Song Leader: Angela Beavers



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