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By: Patty Rothe, Rotary Newsletter Editor; 


(Editor's request: Please remember to jot down your announcements & give them to me. A simple hand-written note or an e-mail in advance would work well. Thank you!)

Presiding: Pres. Bob McCrady

Prayer: Bob Johnson 

Piano: Ellery Elick

Intros: Earl Palm

Song: Gary Dean - “Smile Sing a Song” & “Vive Le Rotary”

Absentees: Adams, Craig Brown, Joe Brown, Tony Chamberlain, David Crawford, Delong, Elsea, Esala, Foster, Fountain, Gerhardt, Grover, Hoffman, Irwin, Adam Johnson, Justinger, Mabe, McNemar, Chris Mullins, Jessica Mullins, Neal, Pelcic, Dwight Radcliff, Rainey, Rawlins, Ritchie, Scherer, Searls, Shapiro, Stevens, Matt Tootle, Vickers, Wolfe, Wolford, Yaniga

Make ups: Sunrise - Gary Montgomery

Visiting Rotarians: Connie Hendron - Asst. District Governor; Susie McMullen - Sunrise

Guests: Oscar Knece, by Jonathan Davis

November birthdays: 5th - Sister Monica Justinger; 8th - Jonathan Davis; 10th - Amy Elsea; 20th - Warner Searls; 25th - Dick Gerhardt; 27th - Don Metzler

November anniversaries: 23rd - Heidi White; 24th - Dick Fullen; 25th - Ned Schreiner; 27th - Amy Elsea

Membership paperwork: Tim Colburn submitted his membership bio. Tim is the CEO/President of the newly merged Ohio Health - Berger Hospital. Tim & his wife, Amy, live in Circleville. They have one son & one daughter. Tim received his BSBA in Accounting from OSU, and his MBA from OU. Welcome to the Rotary Family!

Happy Dollars: None

Student Guests: Dan Hugus, Principal at Westfall High School, introduced Gaven Ewing, Colton Mace, Erica Dale, & Tyler Pontius.

Lottery: Bob Liggett was this week's winner of $20, but the golden pebble remained hidden. The jackpot is now $743.


  • Gary Montgomery: SAR’s Wreaths Across America sign-up sheet being passed around.
  • Via e-mail:
  • Rotary District 6690’s 2018-2019 Awards Event will be held on 11/23/19, starting at 5:30PM, at the Hofbrauhaus-Columbus (800 Goodall Blvd, Columbus). Cost is $25/person, which includes dinner. Please see the link on the District’s website to register.
  • The 2020 Rotary International Convention will be in Honolulu, Hawaii, from June 6th-10th, 2020. Interest has been high, so registration may need to be closed once a certain number is met. So don't delay in making your registration! Link is: www.riconvention.org.

SAA: Dave Webb, substituting for Debbie Hoffman

  • Joy Ewing, for her son being a featured student at today’s meeting
  • Pres. Bob got fined for forgetting that Dave was the substitute SAA, even though Dave told Bob “a couple of times.”
  • Fined those who dressed up for Halloween.
  • Mayor Don fined for winning his re-election.
  • Fined all November birthdays
  • Recognized all veterans at today’s meeting.
  • Fined fans of various football teams, such as Bengals & Browns.
  • Concluded with a November-themed trivia quiz.

Program: Ty Ankrom introduced today's speakers, Roe Mauro & Claudia Trusty. Roe is from the Dublin - Whitehall Rotary Club, and Claudia is from the Dublin Morning Rotary Club. Roe is Co-Chairperson of the District 6690’s Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA). Claudia is the District Interact’s Committee Chairperson. Their PowerPoint presentation was about Rotary’s Interact program,


  • Roe approached the podium first, and gave a brief overview of the Rotary Interact program.
  • Focus on middle & high school-aged students.
  • Spoke about what it takes to become an Interact advisor, and how the advisor is the program’s constant since the students graduate and leave the program.
  • One of Interact’s objectives is to spread the word about what Rotary does, both locally & worldwide.
  • Interact members select the ways that they wish to impact their community.
  • Interact encourages partnerships with the other existing student groups & clubs.
  • Interact has an international focus as well.
  • Members from other Interact groups are encouraged to visit each other’s meetings.
  • Advisor(s) &/or the student members are asked to “share back” to the Rotary club(s) regarding what things the program has/is accomplishing throughout the year.
  • Interact program can also partner up with other Rotary programs, such as Rotary Youth Exchange.
  • Stipend is available for each of the Interact clubs.
  • Suggested that the Rotary clubs setup a scholarship fund via the Interact program for those members.
  • 10-15 students is the suggested membership minimum number needed for Rotary needs to charter an Interact club.
  • It is important that Interact remains a student-driven program.


Speaker's contact info:

None provided

In appreciation of this year's speakers sharing their time & efforts, donations to the Pumpkin Show Park will be made in their names.

November programs:

  • 14th: Eric Horvath - Rotary Foundation
  • 21st: Miriam Intrator - Publishing a book about library restorations after WWII.
  • 28th: THANKSGIVING- No meeting
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