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Rotary Flashes

Date: 02/15/18

Presiding: Pres. Gary Dean

Prayer: Tad Grover 

Piano: Don Metzler

Intros: Mayor Don McIlroy

Song: Norm Wilson - "Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for Two)" & "Sing Out a Song of Rot'ry"

Absentees: Ankrom, Applegate, Craig Brown, Joe Brown, Tony Chamberlain, Christopher, Crespo, Dailey, Davis, Ewing, Gerhardt, Halm, Jack Hooks, Justinger, Lewis, Bob Liggett, Maroscher, Mavis, Moss, Neff, Radcliff, Rainey, Scherer, Stevens, Stout, Throckmorton, Vickers, White, Williams, Valette

Make-ups: None

**Drexel would like to remind members to recycle their attendance pins.**

Visiting Rotarians: Sunrise - Warner Searls

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Guests: None

**Membership proposal: Sam Shapiro has submitted his paperwork to request membership.  His sponsoring Rotarian is Pres. Gary Dean.  If there are any questions 7/or comments, please direct them to Drexel Poling.

February birthdays: 3rd - Joe McNemar; 9th - Richard Coyan; 10th - Don McIlroy; 11th - Norm Wilson; 14th - Ian Webb; 

February anniversaries: 6th - Don McIlroy; 8th - Bob Cole; 21st - Carly Neff

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Student guests: Amy Elsea, on behalf of Logan Elm High School, introduced:  Logan Reisinger & Jill Congrove.

Lottery: Drexel Poling won the weekly drawing of $15, but did not draw the golden bean.  The jackpot is now $603.


  • Pres. Gary: 
    • Presented more Perfect Attendance pins
    • Ted Lewis Museum announced an upcoming musical event on at CHS auditorium, and also thanked our club for our continued support.
    • Westerville Rotary has extended the invitation to our club to join them in raising funds for the families of the two fallen Westerville Police Officers.
  • Judy Wolford: Rural Urban Day on 02/22/18 at Prebyterian Church at 11:30AM.  Speaker will be Dale Minyo of ABN Agricultural Radio.  Sign-up sheet being passed around again.
  • Gary Montgomery:  No Community Kitchen event this week.  Another group has taken this month over.
  • Ian Webb: His Pres.-Elect training session will be coming up, & they've requested that clubs bring donations of any new or used children's books.  These books will be translated into Mongolian for the children there to read.  Therefore, Ian is asking for everyone to bring in books for this program please.
  • Bob Sneed: Circleville City School Foundation will be having its annual "Raise Your Paw" Fundraiser Dinner & Silent Auction event on Saturday, 02/24/18, starting at 5:30PM at AMVETS on Tarlton Rd.  Please contact Bob or anyone affiliated with CCSF or Circleville School District for tickets &/or details.

***Charlie & Mollie Hedges were recognized for their donations to Rotary Foundation.  They have now been raised to the prestigious Level 2 donation designation.  To honor this achievement, Pres. Gary presented Charlie with a lovely crystal trophy & lapel pin.

SAA: Mayor Don McIlroy

  • Bob Sneed was a target again for our Mayor/SAA
  • Vince Yaniga: possibly needing to go back to SPVMH ??
  • Fined those who did not receive a Perfect Attendance pin
  • Valentine's Day quiz, table-by-table

**Happy Dollar: Eric Liggett's daughter, Isabella, made the Dean's List at OSU!

Intro: Jerry Good introduced today's speaker, Tom Carney, Senior Research Fellow/ Scientist for DuPont.  Tom & his wife are both natives of the Northeast Ohio area.  Tom earned his BS in Chemistry from OU-Athens, and his Ph.D. In Chemistry from University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.  He joined DuPont after graduate school, and now has 35 years of service with the company.  His entire career has been in Research & Development, taking new products from the lab into commercial production.

Starting his DuPont career in Wilmington, Delaware at the Experimental Station, he then moved on to the Lycra fiber business in Waynesboro, VA.  In 2005, Tom came to Circleville to work in the Kapton/Electronics division.

**Side note: Jerry Good announced that he will be retiring this April, and moving back to South Carolina with his wife.  (We'll miss you Jerry, and we wish you the best in your next chapter of life.)


  • Tom has worked on Lycra & Kapton, along with many other products.
  • Has won the highest award that is given at DuPont, called the Lavoisier Medal.  He was the first person from Electronics to have received it.
  • He admitted that he is a fan of OU's Bobcats, as well as the Browns.  (I can still hear Debbie Hoffman cheering.)
  • Explained that Kapton Polyimide Films will be the main focus of his presentation today.
  • Dow & DuPont merged recently.  Next, they plan on splitting the merged organization into three distinct divisions: 1) Market Insights & Customer Intimacy, 2) Technology & Innovation Edge, 3) Differentiation & Maker Leadership
  • Teflon(R) Films: their products & uses
  • Tedlar(R) PVF Films: used in solar panels, on the back sheet, & on aircraft interior
  • Vespel(R) Polyimide resins: specialty parts for jet engines, etc.
  • Kapton(R) Polyimide films: commercialized in 1965 at Circleville facility; "still going strong!"; DuPont has the largest & most diverse line.
  • Kapton is a "super duper specialty film."
  • Kapton R&D: 40+ scientists, engineers, technicians & support staff;  they have pilot & prototype programs.

    • Spoke of Kapton's evolution 
    • Magnet wire & motor applications: go into very large motors, such as high-speed rails
    • eMotors: a definite area of growth
    • Oasis Wire & Cable: used in Aerospace industry
    • Flexible Printed Circuits: another developing area, used in technology such as smart phones & digital cameras
    • Thin Flexible Heaters: film that is a heater; heats very evenly , such as a car seat heater or clothes iron or even a wind turbine for de-icing 
    • Artificial Graphite Sheet: Sheet is heated up to carbonized, & then heated again to create graphite; five times more conductive than copper; dissipates heat
    • James Webb Space Telescope with NASA: Kapton E Film (made at our Circleville plant!) is used in its solar shield.

Speaker's contact information:

None provided

In appreciation of this year's speakers sharing their time & efforts, donations to the Pickaway County Special Olympics will be made in their names.

Pres. Gary concluded by asking us to recite the Rotary 4-Way Test.

Until next week...

Patty Rothe,

Rotary Newsletter Editor 


February programs:

22nd: Rural Urban Day - Dale Minyo of ABN Agricultural Radio; STARTS AT 11:30AM, at Presbyterian Church.

March programs:

1st: Everts Hill project update

8th: Tom Davis - Pickaway Parks update

15th: Sofidel update

22nd: Bob Harvey - "Your next car technology"

29th: Jarrod Burks - Ohio Valley Archeology 

April programs:

5th: Eleventh Candle Company - Human trafficking & addiction

12th: Pickaway County Commissioners Wippel & Stewart - Fairgrounds project update

19th: Kristen May - Pickaway Arts & Life Center project update

26th: Hank Hamed & Kathleen Young of Ohio Governor's Office - Drug prevention program called "Start Talking"

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