Club Officers

Club Officers

President: David Crawford

President-Elect: Warren Spangler

Vice-President: Heidi White

Secretary: Drexel Poling

Treasurer: Richard Fullen

Immediate Past-President: Tony Chamberlain

Board Members

Robert Radcliff

Ellery Elick

Jayme Fountain

Gary Montgomery

Incoming Board Members (July 2022)

John Ellis

Rick Rawlins

Administration: David Crawford

Budget and Audit: Gary Scherer; Ellery Elick

New member orientation: Ian Webb

Nominating: Tony Chamberlain

100th Celebration: Bob McCrady and Carly Neff

Peace Builders (new, proposed committee): Ty Ankrom

Membership: Tony Chamberlain

Directory: Ian Webb

New Member Committee: Debbie Hoffman

Orientation/Mentoring: Ian Webb

Recruitment/Retention: David Crawford

Social Activities: Jayme Fountain

Public Image, Angie Beavers

Charitable Activities: Dannie Fouts

Community Recognition: Eric Liggett

Media Relations: David Crawford

Rotary Flashes: Marie Crawford

Rural-Urban Day: Ellery Elick & Judy Wolford

Social Media: Angie Beavers, Marie Crawford, Caryl Neff

Website: Bob Foster

Monthly Programs: Warren Spangler

After Hours: David Crawford

Attendance: Drexel Poling

Meeting Operations: Monthly Co-Chair

Meeting Set-up: Barry Pontius

Piano: Ellery Elick

Fundraising: Charlie Hedges

Rotary International Foundation: Charlie Hedges

Community Literacy: Bob Sneed

Golf Scramble: Tony Chamberlain

Flower Sale: Carly Neff

Pumpkin Show: Chris Mullins and Your Name Here (Need 2 people)

Scholarship Drawing:

Service: Gary Montgomery

Big Wheel Race: Jim Hooks

Community Kitchen: Gary Montgomery

Community Parks & Trails: Dan Fouts & Ned Riegel

Four-Way Speech Contest

International Student Exchange: Jayme Fountain

International Service: Jean Droste

Literacy: Bob Sneed

Road clean-up: Chris Mullins

Scholarship Program: Heather Foll

Scholarship Screening: Joe Brown

Student of the Week: Jonathan Davis