Teays Valley Seniors Alyssa and Balthazar are on the road to success.

Jayme Fountain trying to raise some cash

Carly Neff introduced Jessica Ratcliff from Sixth Sense Brewing in Jackson. We finally get a picture of new members Josh Koch and Nathan Carder!


Marie Nemes-Crawford, Editor

December Calendar – Carly Neff, Program Chair

Dec 14th: official visit of District Governer David Uhl

Dec 21st: Songs of the Season

Dec 25th: * No Community Kitchen – Merry Christmas

Dec 28th: No meeting

*extra event


  • Presiding:  President Warren Spangler
  • Prayer: Dan Fouts
  • Piano: Ellery Elick
  • Song Leader:  Carly Neff selected “Grandfather’s Clock” & “Viva La Rotary”
  • Attending: (Drexel has official list)  42 today – Spangler, Poling, Crawford, Nemes-Crawford, D.Wolfe, Elick, Fouts, Wilson, Lambert, Duvall, C.Neff, Droste, McCrady, R.Wolfe, Reigel, B.Liggett, Searls, Carder, Ellis, Palm, Dean, Sneed, C.Chamberlain, Mavis, Reitano, Wolford, Koch, Schreiner, Weaver, T.Chamberlain, E.Liggett, Radcliff, Rawlins, McNemar, Brown, Fountain, Foll, Lambert, Hafey, Hooks, B.Tootle, K.Neff
  • Guests:  Michelle Stevenson is back and filling out a membership form!, John Lambert introduced one of Atomic Credit Union’s stars- Trader Bettendorf
  • Students: Teays Valley Seniors Balthazar Boleto and Alyssa Horsley were introduced by Pam Younkin

New Member approved by the board: Michelle Stevenson, sponsored by Jayme Fountain, has been approved for membership by vote of the board. Michelle lives in Ashville with her husband and five children. She works for M3K Real Estate Network and enjoys traveling and camping.


  • Next week is the official District Governor visit – please try to attend
  • We are voting for next year’s officers – New board members John Lambert and Daryl Wolfe will be starting their 2 year term in July replacing John Ellis and Rick Rawlins. Connie Chamberlain will be President in 2026-2027.
  • Bob McCrady, Bob Liggett and Carly Neff – latest members of 125 club
  • Dave Horning invites all: Dec 16th; 7pm – Trinity Lutheran church, free concert
  • Dec. 21st – we will pass hat for wait staff here at Watt St.
  • Dec. 19th board meeting – is tentatively scheduled

SAA: Jayme Fountain

  • December birthdays
  • Dec. 7th – Pearl Harbor Day. Veteran’s, pick someone to pay your fine – really, ask someone to pay $1 
  • 1877 – famous inventor with his phonograph – Thomas Edison
  • 1787 – first state to ratify US constitution – Delaware
  • Hanukah starts tonight
    • What’s does the word mean – dedication
    • How many days does it last – 8
    • What is the candle called that is used to light the others – shamash
  • Ned Reigel is a new granddad to a baby girl

Scholarship Drawing: Ned Schreiner was the winner of $19! The jackpot is $321 and it will continue to grow.

 Program: Sixth Sense Brewery – Jennifer Ratcliff

  • Jackson, Ohio
  • New tap room has been remodeled and is open. Full kitchen has been added and now have 6,000 square feet
  • 20 Jackson made brews on tap (along with domestic)
  • Ohio craft breweries: (barrel of beer is 31 gallons)
    • Ohio in 2022 – 1.3million barrels 
    • Anheuser-Busch 32 world wide factories brew 125 million barrels 
  • Ohio ranks number 6 in Craft brewery production
  • Ohio has 470 breweries (in 77 counties)
  • 70 new breweries are in the works in Ohio
  • Jobs – 9,000+ for Ohio breweries
  • Sixth Sense
    • Jennifer and her husband used to own a restaurant in Jackson
    • Tap Room opened in 2017
    • Without food for a year, then added a food truck
  • Water profile is important when brewing (Jackson has same profile as Munich, Germany)
  • Distribution of local brewery – Jennifer and her husband self distribute their beer
  • PawPaw is Ohio’s fruit
    • Integration Acres processes pawpaws – taste like banana/mango
    • One 5 gallon pawpaw purée is $700, for Sixth Sense to brew a batch
  • Hops/grains/berries/honey/fruit – try to source local
  • To brew beer, need federal permit and state permit
  • State interested in safety, equipment; Federal is tax focused
  • Names of beers are just funny things that happen at the brewery
  • 2-2.5 barrel test batch
  • Fermentation can take 5-6 weeks, small sour’s take less amount of time
  • Pumpkin beer this year turned out very good (and Jennifer was seen talking to Dr. Pumpkin after the meeting…stay tuned for a collaboration maybe?)


In appreciation for the speaker today, a donation will be made to the Foster Care Program of Pickaway County through Jobs and Family Services