Bill Kramer becomes a Paul Harris Fellow! Jayme Fountain presents the honor. Thank you Bill!

Matthew Hafey’s first month as SAA

Bob McCrady, Daryl Wolfe and Warren Spangler present Jenny Rhoads with our donation to Holiday Lights in downtown.


Marie Nemes-Crawford, Editor

July Calendar – David M. Crawford, Program Chair

July 20: Dave Roasa, Disaster Aid & Grove City Rotary

July 24: * Community Kitchen

July 27: MaKenzie Love – National Braille reading finalist & Teays Valley Student

August Calendar – Ty Ankrom, Program Chair

Aug 3: Dennis Lowe – Drug Task Forcre

Aug 10: Maggie Simmons – PAAC – Community Input

Aug 17: Sarah Walsh – Cook Center for Human Connections

Aug 24: Steve Helwagen – OSU Football

Aug 28: *Community Kitchen

Aug 31: Jennifer Lloyd – Recovery Ohio

*extra events


  • Presiding:  President Warren Spangler
  • Prayer:  Tom Duvall
  • Piano: Esther Fouts
  • Song Leader: Stacy Young selected “Better Than Ever This Year”, “Get Together”
  • Attending: (Drexel has official list)  51 today – Spangler, Poling, Crawford, Nemes-Crawford, McCrady, Lambert, Mabe, Searls, Wolford, T.Chamberlain, Fountain, Duvall, Horning, McNemar, Liddy, Wilson, Fouts, Canfield, Brown, Droste, Young, B.Liggett, Justinger, D.Webb, K.Neff, White, Kramer, Johnson, Davis, Schreiner, Ellis, Dailey, Hafey, Riegel, T.Tootle, Sneed, B.Tootle, Weaver, Mavis, D.Wolfe, R.Wolfe, Radcliff, Robinson, Blanton, C.Chamberlain, McIlroy, Montgomery, Rothe, I.Webb, Lanman, Whitten
  • Guests: Patty Rothe has a guest – Josh Cook from US Bank


  • Daryl Wolfe reported we served over 120 meals on Monday. Thanks to Bob McCrady, Rob & Dodie Radcliff, John Ellis, Gary Montgomery, Bob Sneed, David & Marie Crawford with Alice Harker
  • Rotary board meeting July 18th 11:30am. 
  • The historical library has 30,000 pictures that have no identification – please help, see Darlene Weaver
  • John Lambert announced Aug.4th – Chamber Night Golf – shotgun start 5:00pm – see pickawaychamber.com 
  • Jayme Fountain – Bill Kramer has obtained his first Paul Harris Fellow! Thank you Bill.

SAA:  Matt Hafey

  • Happy Dollars
  • Birthday’s/ Rotary anniversary
  • Famous Star Wars actor born today – Harrison Ford
  • Frank Sinatra – 1939 recorded his first single – “From the bottom of my heart”
  • 2010 – baseball owner passed away – George Steinbrenner 
  • Legislation in 1787 – Northwest Ordinance adopted to open the Northwest Territory, which Ohio was part
  • 1861 – Union army won area which became what state? W. Virginia
  • Second women prime minister for England – Theresa May

Scholarship Drawing:  Michael Whitten was the winner of $30. The jackpot is $1,612 and it continues!

Program: Jenny Rhoads from Pickaway County Visitors Bureau and Circleville Downtown Business Association

  • Light Up Circleville – Circleville Rotary is pleased to donate $600 for downtown decorations
  • Jenny works at Visitors Bureau and hosts a podcast with Jenny Rainey (Jenny and Jenny in the morning – Roundtown Radio or wherever you get your podcasts)
  • 2021 noticed Holiday wreaths were getting old and more cost effective to replace
    • Court and Main corner were the first four @ $500 each, now $600 each
    • Last year $7,000 raised
    • Quote was $19,000 to do all downtown corners 
    • Mayor’s Golf outing this year will benefit the holiday light’s
    • Hoping for other funds to support the Santa House – we have to pay into the Santa Union for the jolly one to arrive
    • Maybe drive thru lights at Ted Lewis Park
  • Uptown Circleville – creating events to bring people downtown. Uptowncircleville.com
    • First Friday events
    • July 22nd – 3 on 3 basketball
  • Discovery Pickaway App for your phone to stay connected


In appreciation for the speaker today, a donation will be made to the Foster Care Program of Pickaway County through Jobs and Family Services