Marie Nemes-Crawford, Editor

September Calendar – Michelle Blanton, Program Chair

Sept 7 – Ohio Christian University

Sept 11: *Bonus Community Kitchen. Presbyterian Church 3:30pm

Sept 14: Ohio Health, Casey Liddy

Sept 21: Community Cupboards, Kenneth Tennant

Sept 25: *Community Kitchen. Presbyterian Church 4:00pm

Sept 28: ArtsAround, Dale Herron

*extra event


  • Presiding:  President Warren Spangler
  • Prayer: Warren Searls
  • Piano: Ellery Elick
  • Song Leader:  Tom Duvall “In the Good Old Summertime”; “Viva La Rotary”
  • Attending: (Drexel has official list) 
  • Guests: Ty Ankrom – Susan Metzger was introduced
  • Visiting Rotarian: District Governor-Elect Gary Baker, Newark


  • District Governor-Elect Gary Baker is visiting from Newark Rotary where he has been a member for 35 years
    • He is looking forward to his Governor year and is enjoying running around meeting clubs
    • Gary encourages us to attend the District’s Regional Meeting (RoTalks) Sept. 30th in Lancaster 8:30am-1:15pm. Lunch is included. $30. Topic: Best Practices and Practical Ideas in the areas of Mental Health, Peace and Empowering Girls. Rotary.org for more information and registration
  • Sept. 2nd – Nazarene Church 1-4pm for Margaret Remy’s 100th birthday celebration. She is an active member of Sunrise and former county auditor
  • Rob Radcliff – sign-up for Pumpkin Show Booth. Only three slots left!!
  • Gary Montgomery – Soup Kitchen – Thank you to : Warren, Darryl, Bob Sneed, Bob McCrady, Alice Harker, Gary and Sandy. 125 meals served – the new normal
  • Sept. 11th – Bonus soup kitchen 3:30-5pm ‘ish Presbyterian church
  • Carly Neff – Wine tasting Miryante Fundraiser 7pm – Sept. 14th – Roadhouse 56. Tickets available. And raffle for quilt

SAA: Bob Sneed – “It’s Good to be King” 

  • National Trail Mix Day, National Eat Outside Day
  • 1997 – Princess Diana died
  • Sports results
  • 14,000 pounds of meats donated to local pantries – PCCF
  • Downtown Circleville events all weekend
  • Once in a Blue Moon – origin of the term – Second Moon of the month
  • Need hunting license to buy mouse trap – California
  • Tennessee – illegal to drive if you are….asleep

Scholarship Drawing:  Josh Ford (new dad!!) was the winner of $18! The jackpot is $36 – it will continue to grow (just like baby girl Ford).

 Program: Carol Baden – Community Health Advisor for RecoveryOhio.gov

  • 988 – Hotline for mental health, suicide prevention, substance abuse crisis. Free and confidential support to Ohioans.
    • July-December 2022 : 8,670 calls per month; 1,453 texts per month; 1,916 chats per month
  • On average, 5 Ohioans take their own lives each day
  • RecoveryOhio was an initiative Gov. DeWine started as soon as he was inaugurated in 2019. Our own Rob Radcliff sits on the board.
  • Goal is to ensure we act aggressively to address substance abuse, mental health and trauma
  • Work closely with local law enforcement
  • Naloxone.Ohio.gov – website where you can order naloxone for you, someone you know or your organization to hand out. It will be mailed to you, not tracking who is ordering.  Kits cannot be resold, but given away.
  • OH Against OD; Beat the Stigma – ad campaigns
  • Counterfeit Pill Campaign – campaign about only taking pills from healthcare professionals
  • Recovery Within Reach (toolkit put out through commerce department)  – resources for financial advisors so people who think they have to pull all their IRA money out to help a family member can look for other options. How to talk about addiction resources, treatment finder, online training opportunities.
  • Workforce Development: recovery friendly employer training modules
    • Partnership between RecoveryOhio and Ohio Job & Family Services, Office of Workforce Transformation and Ohio Chamber
    • 8 video modules ranging from 10-30 minutes
  • EnCompass Training: teaches the science of addiction and equips participants with knowledge and tools to address substance use disorders. Carol trained 2500 people in Ohio over 2 years. Now equipping each county with their own trainer
  • Emergency Comprehensive Care – when someone presents at an ED with opioid abuse, treatment begins immediately and hand off to treatment facility
    • 2022, six funded health systems developed sustainable policies in 31 emergency departments. Over 16,000 patients have been transitioned to care


In appreciation for the speaker today, a donation will be made to the Foster Care Program of Pickaway County through Jobs and Family Services