Rotary Foundation Chair, Jayme Fountain presents Daryl Wolfe his Paul Harris +1.

King Sneed as SAA. He’s just Bob, doing Bob things 🙂

President Warren Spangler, Speaker Steve Helwagen, Program Chair Ty Ankrom


Marie Nemes-Crawford, Editor

August Calendar – Ty Ankrom, Program Chair

Aug 28: *Community Kitchen

Aug 31: Jennifer Lloyd – Recovery Ohio

*extra events

September Calendar – Michelle Blanton, Program Chair

Sept 7 – Ohio Christian University

Sept 11: *Bonus Community Kitchen. Presbyterian Church 3:30pm

Sept 14: Ohio Health, Casey Liddy

Sept 21: Community Cupboards, Kenneth Tennant

Sept 25: *Community Kitchen. Presbyterian Church 4:00pm

Sept 28: ArtsAround, Dale Herron


  • Presiding:  President Warren Spangler
  • Prayer: Norm Wilson
  • Piano: Ellery Elick
  • Song Leader:  Tom Duvall “Buckeye Battle Cry”, “R-O-T-A-R-Y”
  • Attending: (Drexel has official list)  42 today – Spangler, Poling, Crawford, Nemes-Crawford, Fouts, Wilson, Canfield, McIlroy, McCrady, R.Wolfe, Riegel, Palm, Ankrom, Ellis, Duvall, Elick, Lambert, D.Wolfe, Reitano, Lam, Schreiner, Liddy, K.Neff, Robinson,McNemar, Maroscher, Radcliff, C.Mullins, Davis, Sneed, I.Webb, D.Webb, Montgomery, Rawlins, Lanman, Beavers, Fountain, Brown, B.Tootle, Hafey, C.Neff, Blanton
  • Guests: Earl’s son, Fred was his guest today; Tony Robinson brought his better half, Vickie;  Cole from Schiber’s (and OSU!!)
  • Visiting Rotarian: Larry Schieber & Anthony Neff from Sunrise


  • Rob Radcliff – sign-up for Pumpkin Show Booth. Five slots left on Saturday – REALLY!!
  • Greg Lam announced a project his son is championing – to help children in Uganda – the WASH project (water, sanitation, hygiene) through the Luena Foundation. Luena.org :  ‘We hold the simple belief that children everywhere should have the basic human right to a happy, healthy, secure childhood and a future full of promise.’ Greg’s son designed the T-Shirt ($20 with 100% going to the Fundraiser). He will have more shirts next week.
  • Thank you from Dan Gilbert for the opportunity to speak to us
  • Gary Montgomery Soup Kitchen – Fourth Monday 4:00pm, Presbyterian church
  • Carly Neff – Wine tasting Miryante Fundraiser 7pm – Sept. 14th – Roadhouse 56. Tickets available.
  • Daryl Wolfe was honored with his PHF +1

SAA: Bob Sneed – “It’s Good to be King” (thank you Burger King)

  • Bob Tootle – anniversary #51
  • Gerhard’s birthday and his meet his neighbor article! 
  • Along with Tom Duvall’s birthday
  • Aug. 24th, national waffle day; peach pie day
  • John Lambert in the paper again
  • There was a Radcliff in the paper, pay $1 Rob, not sure of relation
  • Beekeeper’s pay $1 for swarm removal article in paper
  • Sam Sneed’s age making him the oldest to make the cut – 67 yrs in PGA championship
  • That championship was played at Oakland Hill
  • Which of Christopher Columbus’ ships caught fire in 1492 – Santa Maria
  • Country that used to execute anyone drinking coffee – Turkey (16th/17th centuries)
  • Only First Lady to carry a loaded revolver – Eleanor Roosevelt

Scholarship Drawing:  Joe McNemar was the winner of $18 AND a Rotary mug! The jackpot is $18 and it now starts over….

 Program: Steve Helwagen – OSU Football

  • 1986 grad of CHS and OSU
  • Steve Helwagen was a writer for the Circleville Herald
  • Now works at Bucknuts.com – started there for the 2003 season
  • 27 different states travelled to covere events
  • There is never enough about OSU sports in general
  • Bucknuts.com – focus on Football and Basketball and the recruiting of high school students
  • Next Saturday is the start of the season at Indiana. (OSU hasn’t lost to them since 1987)
  • So many changes in student athletics – NIL; transfer portal; Big 10 adding UCLA, Oregon, Washington, USC so the Big 10 will have 18 teams
  • OSU cleared over $20million last year (8 home football games)
  • There is going to be a human toll of traveling cross-country, not just students, but coaches and support staff
  • 1993 – now. OSU consistently top 10 finishes, NFL draft picks, etc.
  • 6 of top 40 high school students signed already for OSU football
  • Texas and Oklahoma going to SEC. Cincinnati going to Big 12.
  • This season: a lot of promise. Georgia lost a lot of guys to NFL. OSU well positioned to have a great year
  • Big question is who will be QB…
  • Every practice is filmed with 8 different camera’s
  • If there is a depth problem, you go into the portal and grab players
  • This is the last year with East vs. West in Big Ten. Will be top 2 teams
  • At Wisconsin, Luke Fickell taking over there. Will be a night game.
  • Any work on Gene Smith’s position? Just hired President Carter from Nebraska, so thought is he would have a say in the position.
  • ESPN couldn’t afford to bid since they have lost so many members. FOX/CBS/NBC moving forward will split the coverage 


In appreciation for the speaker today, a donation will be made to the Foster Care Program of Pickaway County through Jobs and Family Services