Circleville represented by Slater and Mallory along with Kara Schooley

Eric Liggett received his PHF+2 award from Jayme Fountain

Speaker Julie Baker introduced by Don McIlroy and with President Spangler


Marie Nemes-Crawford, Editor

November Calendar – Don McIlroy, Program Chair

Nov 23: Happy Thanksgiving – no meeting

Nov 27: * Soup Kitchen

Nov 30: Pete Hardinger – UFO in Pickaway County

December Calendar – Carly Neff, Program Chair

Dec 7th: Sixth Sense Brewery Jackson, Ohio

Dec 14th: official visit of District Governer David Uhl

Dec 21st: Songs of the Season and potential service project

Dec 25th: * No Community Kitchen – Merry Christmas

Dec 28th: No meeting

*extra event


  • Presiding:  President Warren Spangler
  • Prayer: Norm Wilson
  • Piano: The lovely Esther Fouts!!
  • Song Leader: Tom Duvall – “Over the River” and “Better Than Ever This Year”
  • Attending: (Drexel has official list)  42 today – Spangler, Poling, Nemes-Crawford, Beavers, Justinger, Fouts, Wilson, Duvall, Dean, Canfield, T.Tootle, Droste, Carder, Riegel, R.Wolfe, Brown, Schreiner, D.Wolfe, Young, Mavis, McIlroy, Liddy, Palm, Ellis, Montgomery, Foll, I.Webb, Radcliff, Rawlins, Wolford, T.Chamberlain, Koch, E.Liggett, D.Webb, Fountain, Lam, White, McNemar, C.Neff, Searls, Hooks, B.Tootle
  • Guests: Esther Fouts on keyboards!
  • Students: Circleville High School represented by Kara Schooley, Mallory and Slater. Students who are future Buckeyes!


  • Board meeting Nov. 21st here at Watt St
  • Bonus soup kitchen set another record of 174 meals served this past Monday. Daryl Wolfe thanked Rob Radcliff, Bob Sneed, Tom Duvall, Angela Beavers, Gary Montgomery, John Ellis, Warren Spangler, David & Marie Crawford.
  • Wreaths Across America – thank you for your donations. Delivery is Dec. 16th at Forest Cemetery.
  • Tony Chamberlain – Nominating Committee, comprised of Bob McCrady, David Crawford and myself are putting forth Daryl Wolfe and John Lambert as candidates for 2-year terms on the board, beginning July 1. Selected as vice president in July, and assuming the club presidency in 2026 is Connie Chamberlain. Voting by the members in attendance at the November 30th meeting will make it official.
  • Casey Liddy – Volunteer Opportunities at Berger.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer – please contact Tracy VanHorn at 740-420-8464 or email [email protected].
  • Jayme Fountain – Paul Harris award for Eric Liggett +2. Thank you Eric!

SAA:  Don McIlroy

  • 2003 – who was Governor of California – Arnold
  • 2006 – first women speaker of House – Nancy Pelosi
  • What year did 55yr old man contract COVID – 2019
  • Know your fellow Rotarians
    • Born Pickaway county; has two children
    • Had Donna Dailey as teacher
    • Worked at Corp packaging company
    • Has visited 27 of 50 states; Pistoshio is favorite cake
    • Related to a former county commissioner
  • Born and reared in Pickaway county; Teays valley grad. 
  • Had first job at age 10; achieved nickname of zipper by doctor because of all the stitches received in childhood
  • learned to fly a Cessna; Traveled all 50 states; Certified rescue diver

Scholarship Drawing: Judy Wolford was the winner of $28! The jackpot is $280 and it will continue to grow.

 Program:  Julie Baker – PATH Behavior Health Organization in Circleville

  • Integrated services for serving the needs of everyone in the county
  • Portsmouth is where PATH started
  • Currently 44 offices in Ohio ; also in Utah, NC and Louisiana 
  • PATH – accepts Medicaid and commercial insurance, sliding fee scale, and some pro-bono
  • Now working with VA to provide service to veterans
  • Provide services to ages 3+
  • Community meetings – in libraries, restaurants, wherever people are
  • In-house labs with own RN’s, doctors as well as the therapists 
  • Case managers are also at PATH. People who are in the schools, parks, making sure clients are eating, bills are getting paid, talk about transportation, they see the clients in the real world, does not have to be on Main St.
  • PATH mobile pantry — Purple Bus. Non-profit arm. Bus will go out and pass out meals, sunscreen, clothes where people are. Chillicothe pool, parks, etc.
  • Opened in Circleville a few months ago at 120 W. Main St. And are looking to partner with churches, non-profits, community events.
  • They have a giving tree in the lobby – hats, gloves, socks for winter is the theme


In appreciation for the speaker today, a donation will be made to the Foster Care Program of Pickaway County through Jobs and Family Services