Westfall students Bailey and Jerry

Scioto County’s Mobile Trailer

Program chair, Gary Dean with PICAA’s Nick Pruitt and President Spangler


Marie Nemes-Crawford, Editor

Jan 22: * Community Kitchen

Jan 25: Big Brothers and Big Sisters

Feb 01: Blanket Tie for CASA – service project 

*extra event


  • Presiding:  President Warren Spangler
  • Prayer: Joe McNemar
  • Piano: Ellery Elick
  • Song Leader:  Tom Duvall – “America the Beautiful”, “ROTARY”
  • Attending: (Drexel has official list) 42 today – Spangler, Poling, Crawford, Nemes-Crawford, Beavers, Duvall, McNemar, McCrady, R.Wolfe, Lambert, Wilson, Fouts, Canfield, D.Wolfe, Mavis, T.Tootle, Montgomery, Ankrom, Maroscher, Robinson, Rothe, Young, Radcliff, Schreiner, Fountain, Wolford, D.Webb, Justinger, Dean, I.Webb, Weaver, C.Neff, Sneed, Nichol, Droste, B.Liggett, White, B.Liggett, Horning, T.Chamberlain, Hooks, Ellis
  • Guests: Catherine Farynowski from Orlando, FL
  • Students: Westfall represented today with Mrs. Clark introducing Jerry Layton and Bailey Burke


  • Joe McNemar – latest 125 club member 
  • Euchre Tournament – Feb.8th
  • Sunrise Dueling piano’s – Jan 27th
  • Rural Urban Day – Feb. 29th. Speakers from division of wildlife – with critters! Presbyterian Church – 11:30am start time
  • Soup Kitchen, Monday 22nd – Presbyterian church anytime between 3:30pm – 5:00pm
  • Hocking Hills this Saturday, Winter Hike 9-11am
  • March 23rd – 4-way Speech contest 10am – Circleville Library. Judges should be past-presidents. Speeches start at 11am. Please see Tony Robinson to help.

SAA:  John Lambert 

  • Happy Dollars – Bob Sneed’s son rang the bell at the NY Stock exchange today
  • Stacy Young – honor roll student in her home
  • Ned Schreiner’s sister is going to be 100yr old tomorrow
  • Tony Robinson was not hurt when his car was
  • Some card game thing….

Scholarship Drawing: Dave Horning was the winner of $24! The jackpot is $470 and it will continue to grow.

 Program: PICCA, Nick Pruitt spoke to us about the Public Hygiene station

  • Anyone who needs help, homeless, people whose pipes froze, anyone
  • 32 feet trailer: 3 showers, one laundry room, 2 commercial grade washers/dryers
  • Propane tanks for heating water
  • Generator for electric
  • PICAA is hiring a staff person for community outreach, mental health outreach, trailer support
  • Only needs access to water source and storm drains since only gray water
  • Goal is to setup around Pickaway County – Monday-Friday possibly Saturday
  • June 30, 2024 is hopeful launch date
  • Also working with county EMA – can be used as community emergency response
  • $88,000 trailer cost (vehicle not included)
  • Working with Pickaway-Ross carpenter students 
  • Initial start up costs – Mobile hygiene Unit $140,000
  • Approximate annual costs $60,000
  • Looking to serve 15-20 people a day
  • Need financial aid, as well as, laundry pods, hygiene products (travel size), linens. List is being constructed now.
  • Communication piece is being worked on now with Scioto County since they have 2 trailers in use


In appreciation for the speaker today, a donation will be made to the Foster Care Program of Pickaway County through Jobs and Family Services