We welcomed Josh Ford into membership today!

Dan Gilbert speaks about his time at Univ. of Cincinnati

Ty Ankrom, program chair, Dan Gilbert, Warner Searls who met Dan and set it all up, Pres. Spangler


Marie Nemes-Crawford, Editor

August Calendar – Ty Ankrom, Program Chair

Aug 24: Steve Helwagen – OSU Football

Aug 28: *Community Kitchen

Aug 31: Jennifer Lloyd – Recovery Ohio

*extra events

September Calendar – Michelle Blanton, Program Chair

Sept 7 – Ohio Christian University

Sept 11: *Bonus Community Kitchen. Presbyterian Church 3:30pm

Sept 14: Ohio Health, Casey Liddy

Sept 21: Community Cupboards, Kenneth Tennant

Sept 25: *Community Kitchen. Presbyterian Church 4:00pm

Sept 28: ArtsAround, Dale Herron


  • Presiding:  President Warren Spangler
  • Prayer: Michael Whitten
  • Piano: Ellery Elick
  • Song Leader:  Tom Duvall selected “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”, “We’re Rotary” 
  • Attending: (Drexel has official list)  48 today – Spangler, Poling, Crawford, Nemes-Crawford, Fouts, Wilson, Canfield, Ellis, Palm, Mavis, McCrady, Riegel, Searls, Duvall, Beavers, Elick, Lambert, Ankrom, Whitten, Ford, Schreiner, White, D.Wolfe, B.Liggett, Reitano, Koch, I.Webb, Rothe, Rawlins, Foster, C.Chamberlain, D.Webb, Horning, Lanman, McCrady, E.Liggett, T.Chamberlain, Lam, Johnson, Weaver, Fountain, C.Mullins, Dean, B.Tootle, Brown, Radcliff, Hafey, Montgomery
  • Visiting Rotarian: Larry Schieber from Sunrise introduced Carl Messy, intern from OSU Pharmacy school at Schieber’s; 
  • Guests: Steven Collins from Circleville Herald; Daughter of our speaker was also with us; Dick Hendricks from Gahanna introduced by Warner Searls

Induction: We welcomed Josh Ford into membership today! He is a grad of OCU with a Masters of Arts in Theology. It was at OCU were he met his wife of 8 1/2 yrs, Brittany. He currently works as the night auditor at Circleville’s Hampton Inn. He is President of the Ted Lewis Museum, Secretary of Roundtown Conservancy and sings in the Circleville Men’s Barbershop Chorus. He and Brittany will welcome a baby girl any day!


  • Rob Radcliff – sign-up for Pumpkin Show Booth has already started! It’s our biggest fundraiser of the year, please help out. You can help prep or clean up afterward too!
  • Thank you’s are rolling in: Blessings in a Backpack – our $750 donation helped make up 150 weekend food bags; Disaster Aid USA thanks us for helping stock their trailer; Mr. Branden Martin, scholarship winner, thanks us for the scholarship to attend OSU ATI. You will remember he wants to farm his grandparents farm and give back to the community after he gets his degree.
  • Board meeting last Tuesday, voted to continue our donation of $300 to Pickaway County Youth Leadership

SAA: Fred Mavis

  • National Roller Coater Day and National Joke Day
  • Sheriff had his picture in paper that costs you $1
  • Heidi White in the paper – running for Logan Elm school board $1
  • ‘73 class of CHS part of the big reunion at Rotarian Bill Richards farm – all the pictures look like it was fun – Dave Webb, pay $1
  • Atomic Credit Union – John Lambert pay $1 – your ads are everywhere
  • Daryl Wolfe – good news in the paper, thanks, it will cost you $1
  • Darlene Weaver – good article about first sidewalks – anyone part of the Historical Society, pay $1
  • History quiz too

Scholarship Drawing:  Rob Radcliff was the winner of $29. The jackpot is $1,758 and he wins!!!!! (Money is going toward his Paul Harris Fellow.)

 Program: Dan Gilbert

  • Graduate of Univ of Cincinnati 
  • Teacher, counselor, coach, Scioto County, Wheelersburg HS
  • Sandy Koufax from Brooklyn, New York was on the same basketball team at Univ of Cincinnati with Dan
  • Sandy and Dan decided to try out for baseball team as freshman, Dan was the only one able to catch Sandy’s pitches
  • Dan Gilbert was the catcher for Sandy Koufax in 1954 season (Koufax only season at Cincinnati) 
  • Koufax returned to Cincinnati in 2000 for a dinner for baseball coach
  • Dan Gilbert was the starting catcher for 4 years in Univ. Cincinnati
  • Sandy had 362 strike outs in one season, which is still the record
  • Sandy had a record of 47 complete games pitched


In appreciation for the speaker today, a donation will be made to the Foster Care Program of Pickaway County through Jobs and Family Services