Marie Nemes-Crawford, Rotary Newsletter Editor; [email protected]

August Programs – Tony Chamberlain, Chair
4th – Rose Vargo McFarland & Katie Logan Hedges, Inspiration Station
11th – Makiah Maxson Seifert, Pathways Behavioral Health – A school for autistic children
18th – Kevin Steward, Business Developer in Community Improvement
25th – Tim Williams – Logan Elm Superintendent

September Programs – Tony Robinson, Chair
1st – David Fausnaugh, Programs of the Pickaway County Library
8th – Arista Hartzlet, Pickaway County Parks District Board
15th – Robin Ridenour to speak on their Alpaca Farm and Business
22nd – Craig and Kim Wellman, Pumpkin Show Parades
29th – to be confirmed

October Programs – Rick Rawlins, Chair
6th – Meg Simmons, Pickaway Addiction Action Coalition,
“Preventing Youth Drug Abuse”
13th – Zach Miller, co-owner of Lindsey’s Bakery,
“Lindsey’s: A Circleville Landmark”
20th – No Meeting – Pumpkin Show Big Wheel Race/Ice Cream Booth
27th – Dan DeVille, “U.S. Marshals Service, Our History and Mission”

Presiding: President-Elect Warren Spangler
Prayer: Tony Robinson
Piano Player: Ellery Elick
Song Leader: Ned Riegel choose “In the Good Old Summertime”, “Via La Rotary”
Visiting Rotarians: not today
Guests: Joe Brown brought his grandson
Attending: (Drexel has official list)
August Birthdays: 5th-Bill Stout; 7th-Steve Irwin; 10th-Gerhardt Maroscher; 12th-Amanda Knotts; 17th-Allison Catlos; 23rd-Warren Spangler
August anniversaries: 4th-Drexel Poling, 18th-Tom Tootle, 19th-Bob Sneed, 26th-Bob Tootle
– Oct.13th – After Hours with Sunrise at Health Care Logistics. Noon club sponsors Dan Fouts, Ellery Elick, Jeff Harr, Larry Scheiber
– District Governor Price Finley thanks us for our donation to Kentucky Flood Relief
– Soup Kitchen thank you Warren Spangler, Gary Dean, John Ellis, Daryl Wolfe, Rob Radcliff, David & Marie Crawford, Bob Sneed, Gary Montgomery,
SAA: Ellery Elick
– No one in the news
– No birthday people in attendance
– Hold up your Rotary Card – if you don’t have one, it costs you $1
– Not been fined in month of August – that will cost you $1
– Scholarship Drawing: Ellery Elick was the winner of the drawing $11. – The jackpot is $549 and it continues!!

Program: Tim Williams – Logan Elm Superintendent
– Building process updates Finances. Bond issue $56.2 million. 74% local residents paying with the state paying the rest
– Locked in with construction manager before inflation kicked in
– Late July expected move in. On budget, on time
– By next Friday precast walls will all be up and footprint will be complete
– All wings will be color coded. It will help younger students moving around.
– Industrial Arts wing is included in the plan
– PK-12 building for 1,700 students. State did the analysis of need, school challenged it and was denied so McDowel is being kept in case needed because of
growth. Currently have 1,700 students.
– Two separate academic wings with libraries in each
– Two separate lunch rooms with a shared kitchen
– Three gymnasiums
– Performing Arts area with 500 fixed seats
– Secured entry in both wings of the building
– Title searches being completed now for the buildings and then a public notice will go out about buildings
– Committed to keeping green space and ball diamonds
– Natural gas brought onto campus
– Before and After school programs now in place. Funded through grant with YMCA and Whitehall City Schools
– $100k security grant received. Used for updated security
– New High School electives: environmental science, Ohio Means Jobs (job readiness), gaming design
– Elementary continues to focus on literacy – second year employing reading coach
– Health & Wellness focus with another school psychologist & more counselors added. Being a kid is tough.
– Logan Elm Foundation is active in providing for students who may not have opportunity to get out during the summer with 5 activities and also funded a
vending machine which takes coins you earn. Books are dispensed.
– Foundation fundraiser at Rhoads Sept. 10th in the evening. BBQ event.
– 18 new teachers this year and shortage of special education teachers
– In need of a kindergarten teacher in Laurelville

In appreciation of this year’s speakers sharing their time & efforts, donations to Pickaway Pathways for Success will be made in their names.