Marie Nemes-Crawford, Rotary Newsletter Editor; [email protected]

September Programs – Tony Robinson, Chair
1st – David Fausnaugh, Programs of the Pickaway County Library
8th – Arista Hartzlet, Pickaway County Parks District Board
15th – Robin Ridenour to speak on their Alpaca Farm and Business
22nd – Craig and Kim Wellman, Pumpkin Show Parades
29th – Club Day
October Programs – Rick Rawlins, Chair
6th – Maggie Simmons, Pickaway Addiction Action Coalition,
“Preventing Youth Drug Abuse”
13th – Zach Miller, co-owner of Lindsey’s Bakery,
“Lindsey’s: A Circleville Landmark”
20th – No Meeting – Pumpkin Show Big Wheel Race/Ice Cream Booth
27th – Dan DeVille, “U.S. Marshals Service, Our History and Mission”

Presiding: President David M. Crawford
Prayer: Jim Rogers
Piano Player: Ellery Elick
Song Leader: Fred Mavis selected a few of his favorites – “Down in the Valley” and “Let There Be Peace on Earth”
Visiting Rotarians: Assistant District Governor-Jim Rogers from Logan, David Fausnaugh from Sunrise

Assistant District Governor Jim Rogers with President David M. Crawford

Guests: not today
Attending: (Drexel has official list) Crawford, Nemes-Crawford, Poling, Spangler, Riegel, Fouts, Beavers, Elick, Johnson, Wilson,
R.Wolfe, Fullen, Canfield, Robinson, Schreiner, Mavis, B.Liggett, T.Tootle, Montgomery, Dean, Catlos, J. Mullins, Droste, Foster,
Brown, McNemar, Wolford, T.Chamberlain, D.Webb, Sneed, Fountain, Radcliff, Hooks, D.Wolfe, White, Neff, Marosher
September Birthdays: 3rd-Heidi White; 6th-Harry Canfield; 7th-Jim Hooks; 8th-Mark Bidwell and Mike Pelcic; 15th-Heather Foll;
21st-Dan Fouts and Tony Robinson; 23rd-Matt Hunnell; 27th-Jessica Mullins;
September anniversaries: 6th-Ty & Dacia Ankrom; 17th-Angela & Michael Beavers; 21st-Dan & Donna Dailey; 23rd-Todd &
Carolyn Stevens; 25th-Matt & Anne Hunnell; 30th-Dave & Leigh Webb;
-To encourage you to visit Rotary clubs on your travels, we will be having a drawing for four $25 gift cards from City BBQ. If you visit
another Rotary club from September 1, 2022 – August 31, 2023, have your picture taken in front of the visiting banner and let Marie
know. Your name will be put in the drawing which will be at the September 7, 2023 meeting. Traveling companions are always
welcome at host Rotary club meetings. Go to Rotary.org and click Club Finder.
-Heather Foll, chair of our scholarship committee is transferring to Sunrise. We are now in need of a chair of scholarship committee.
-Maggie Simmons application has been submitted – she is the PAAC director

-Time to think about our biggest fundraiser of the year – Pumpkin Show Booth – this week, looking for shift supervisors. Please see
Warren for time/date preference.
-Pumpkin Show Booth will also have pre-sale tickets for bowl of ice cream – $5.00/ticket
SAA: Bob Sneed, who reminds us…often… it is a privilege to be called on
– Birthdays/Anniversaries. (Bob pay a dollar for mixing your columns)
– Labor Day Quiz
– First Labor Day Parade – New York 1882
-First state to make Labor Day official holiday – Oregon
-Saturday evening – Norte Dame and OSU play – how many times? 6
Scholarship Drawing: Joe McNemar was the winner of the drawing $17. The jackpot is $566 and it continues!!

September Program Chair, Tony Robinson, pictured with David Fausnaugh of Pickaway County Library.

Program: David Fausnaugh, Programs of the Pickaway County Library
– 2016 he began as our director
– People do still read books – 5 books a year is the median number of books read a year per person
– Bookmobile still goes out
– Home delivery is an option for those who do not have ability to get to library
– 300,000 items in circulation during a year
– 60% in Circleville Branch; 15% outreach; 10% Ashville; 15% is audio and e-content
– Library associates are all active members of the community
– Library provided 200 programs in first 250 days of this year
– Over 5,000 people have attended programs so far this year
– Technology one-on-one available to community (need help understanding your computer, create a presentation, etc.)
– They also partner with Park District to have programs in the parks
– Imagination Library – 3,400 children in Pickaway county are eligible. -Over 2,000 are enrolled. One of the highest per capita
percentages in the state. Started about 4 years ago. Thank you to our Rotary club’s yearly contribution.
– Imagination Station will be part of the library building. Target date is 2024 opening
– Younkin Branch in Ashville will be closed for two weeks – drive-thru window being installed and changing the meeting room into
literacy space for children
– Fines are not charged in our library, but if something is overdue, you cannot get anything else
– When ordering material, the library is part of the Central Library Consortium which includes 17 libraries. We ship materials 5 days a
week. Also member of Search Ohio – public universities materials.
Balance exercise class partnered with OSU extension.
– Community focused programs – check out the library website at Pickawaylib.org – you will be amazed!

In appreciation of this year’s speakers sharing their time & efforts, donations to Pickaway Pathways for Success will be made in
their names.