Cindy and Ty from CHS along with school counselor, Mrs. Schooley.

Program Chair Michelle Blanton introduced Kenneth Tennant. Pictured with President Spangler.


Marie Nemes-Crawford, Editor

September Calendar – Michelle Blanton, Program Chair

Sept 25: *Community Kitchen. Presbyterian Church 4:00pm

Sept 28: ArtsAround, Dale Herron

Sept 28: * Pumpkin Show Booth – Shift Supervisor meeting

October Calendar – Bob Foster, Program Chair

Oct 5: Yolanda Johnson, Ohio State School for the Blind Band

Oct 12: Kim Frericks, Pumpkin Show Announcers Trustee

Oct 19: No Meeting – Big Wheel Race at 1:00pm Pinckney St. Stage

Oct 23: * Community Kitchen. Presbyterian Church 4:00pm

Oct 26: TBD

*extra event


  • Presiding:  President Warren Spangler
  • Prayer: Tony Robinson
  • Piano: Ellery Elick
  • Song Leader: “Home on the Range” and “Rotary Will Go Round The World”; Happy Birthday to Tony Robinson 
  • Attending: (Drexel has official list) 38 today – Spangler, Poling, Crawford, Nemes-Crawford, Canfield, Elick, Wilson, Dean, McNemar, T.Tootle, T.Chamberlain, Fountain, Wolford, C.Chamberlain, Rothe, D.Webb, Blanton, Searls, Maroscher, Riegel, Reitano, McCrady, Rawlins, B.Tootle, E.Liggett, Mavis, Palm, Ellis, Schriener, Robinson, Dailey, Beavers, D.Wolfe, Radcliff, J.Mullins, C.Neff, McIlroy, Lanman
  • Guests: David Crawford introduced Nathan Carder from Brown Memorial Home who has turned in paperwork to become a member; Ty Ankrom introduced Caleb Nickell from Edward Jones who has turned in paperwork to become a member; Ashlynn Ford attended her first Rotary meeting
  • Visiting Rotarians: Kenneth Tennant from Sunrise
  • Students: Kara Schooley introduced Ty Foster and Cindy Williams (future Buckeyes??!!)

Two members approved by board for membership: The board has approved the applications from Caleb Nickell, sponsored by Ty Ankrom and Nathan Carder, sponsored by David M. Crawford.


  • Angela announced Sock-tober District competition has netted 247 pairs of socks to date. Please donate new winter socks or see Angela or Marie for monetary donations (they’ll shop for you!)
  • No Board meeting in October
  • Ice Cream Tickets – $5 see Daryl or Bob McCrady. Purchase for friends and neighbors.
  • Rob reported Pumpkin Show Booth needs a Friday and a Saturday shift filled
  • Daryl reported Sept. 28th – shift supervisor meeting after regular meeting – learn credit card procedure, how to weigh the ice cream and other fun tasks.
  • David reminds everyone, Monday, Sept. 28th is community kitchen. Starts at 4pm – all are welcome

SAA: Tony Chamberlain

  • Ohio State vs. Notre Dame
    • How many times have they played? 7
    • How many of the 7 games were regular season? 5
    • Heisman winners count? Tied 7 each
    • More National Championship’s – Norte Dame with 11
    • Whose stadium is older? Ohio State’s 1922

Scholarship Drawing:  Josh Ford was the winner of $19! The jackpot is $97 it will continue to grow.

 Program: Kenneth Tennant – Community Cupboards

  • 2018-2019, 8 cupboards installed. Heather Foll took ownership.
  • 2020 – Ken and Sue Davis offered to help coordinate
  • Today, 21 cupboards – 12 in Circleville – 9 in other county locations
    • 11 located in various churches
    • PCBDD
    • Both county libraries
    • YMCA
    • PARS
    • Job and Family Services
    • Senior Center
    • Corner Clothes Closet
  • Committee looks for commitment to care for new cupboards and a need
  • Provide quick access to non-perishable food and toiletries to anyone in need
  • County stats: 12% (7,000) living at or below the poverty level
  • “Leave what you can. Take what you need.” Is the Motto
  • Once a month “owners” pick up food from the Presbyterian Church (donates a store room for items) and monitor the box for the month
  • This year $30,000 worth of food from the Presbyterian Church store room, unknown value of items when people just stop on the way home from the grocery
  • Donation Events – 12 local. Boogie on the Blacktop at the Eagles; Tiger Day – every fall sports team challenge – 1,000 individual items collected; Take back the strip cruisers – 1 event. $1,400 and items; Walmart did donation event; 4H students collected and then delivered to the cupboards
  • No administrative expenses
  • Apothecary is a drop off location – Ken visits once a month for pick-up
  • Sutherland donated all items to build the cupboards; Circleville High School shop class built them
  • Dog food and cat food rebagged and distributed to the closets
  • NO GLASS items should be left
  • Community Action Day – October 12th
    • PCCF and OCU Sponsors
    • Huge day of community service
    • College students 
    • Community can nominate someone in need and students will assist in washing windows, fall yard clean-up, what-ever the need
  • Facebook – community Cupboards of Pickaway County 1,900 followers
  • Kenneth Tennant – [email protected] if you would like to volunteer or have a question
  • Latest cupboard at St. Philipp’s was just installed


In appreciation for the speaker today, a donation will be made to the Foster Care Program of Pickaway County through Jobs and Family Services