Song Leader Bob Foster and Ellery Elick got the meeting started with The Pumpkin Show song!

Teays Valley Senior Class Leaders – Destiny and Simon.

Jayme Fountain awarded Rob Radcliff and Warner Searls with PHF+1!

The great Fred Mavis as SAA.

Our speaker today was Kim Frericks, Trustee of the Pumpkin Show announcers. Shown with Rotarians on her committee.


Marie Nemes-Crawford, Editor

October Calendar – Bob Foster, Program Chair

Oct 19: * No Meeting – Big Wheel Race at 1:00pm Pinckney St. Stage

Oct 23: * Community Kitchen. Presbyterian Church 4:00pm

Oct 26: Gerhard Maroscher – did you know he is recording his audio book?

November Calendar – Don McIlroy, Program Chair

Nov 2: TBD

Nov 9: Terry Rataiczak – District Rotary International Foundation Chair

Nov 13: * Bonus Soup Kitchen – 3:00pm cooking begins with Bob McCrady and his hat

Nov 16: July Baker -PATH a Health Organization in Circleville

Nov 23: Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 27: * Soup Kitchen

Nov 30: Pete Hardinger – UFO in Pickaway County

*extra event


  • Presiding:  President Warren Spangler
  • Prayer:  Norm Wilson
  • Piano: Ellery Elick
  • Song Leader: Bob Foster – No Books needed today? The Pumpkin Show Song!  We sounded really good 🙂
  • Attending: (Drexel has official list)  47 today – Spangler, Poling, Crawford, Nemes-Crawford, Fouts, Elick, Wilson, Duvall, Lambert, Canfield, Schreiner, McIlroy, D.Webb, Droste, Young, Foll, Fountain, Ford, R.Wolfe, McCrady, Riegel, Palm, Ellis, Rawlins, Robinson, Searls, Montgomery, Mavis, T.Chamberlian, Beavers, C.Chamberlain, Carder, Liddy, Androm, D.Wolfe, Brown, Justinger, E.Liggett, McNemar, White, C.Neff, Hooks, B.Tootle, Nikell, Koch, Marosher,  Blanton
  • Guests: Destiny Crago, Assist Mgr. for Atomic Credit Union was introduced by John Lambert
  • Students: Pam Younkin from Teays Vaalley- Simon and Destiny were today’s showcased seniors.


  • Jayme Fountain – Paul Harris Fellow +1 pins were presented to Rob Radcliff and Warner Searls today!
  • 125 Club new members include Bob Sneed, Jayme Fountain, Rob Radcliff, David Crawford
  • Marie announced Sock-tober District competition has netted 517 pairs of socks to date.  Last meeting of October is our last day! Please help us surpass last years total of 770!
  • Rob reported Pumpkin Show Booth schedule is posted on the website:  www.Circlevillerotary.org
  • Jim Hooks announced Big Wheel Race is Thursday, of Pumpkin Show, 1pm. Race goes rain or shine.  Meet at Jim’s office at noon with your lunch and get a briefing along with helping move items into place or meet 12:45pm at the track (Pinckney St)
  • Disaster Aid USA’s trailer is going to be pulled through Pumpkin Show Friday 8pm parade. If you would like to ride in the pick-up, please contact Marie.
  • Soup Kitchen – October 23rd 3:30pm – 5:15pm ‘ish. Come as you can.
  • Joy Sharp sent a thank you for our help with local 4H Leadership banquet
  • Mike Pelcic’s (former Rotarian) retirement party at Rhoades – Nov. 2nd 4pm-7pm

SAA: THE Fred Mavis

  • Birthday/Annivesary
  • Casey Liddy – new Urgent Care opened when he said it would
  • Greg Lam was in the paper, Casey will pay that fine
  • PMP BOB with the Pumpkin Show license plate on his white truck – that will cost you $1 McCrady
  • 1933 was first PS with queens – Lucille Heise was first one
  • 2014 still has record weight of winner pumpkin – 1,990
  • Largest pie from Lindsey’s – 14 ft across!
  • Mr. Pumpkin Show – the late Robert Colvin
  • Heather Foll’s Happy Dollar was for DD achievement of adding a mobile adult changing station during Pumpkin Show – in front of Brown Memorial

Scholarship Drawing:  Marie Crawford was the winner of $28! The jackpot is $168 it will continue to grow.

 Program: Kim Lovenshimer Frericks – Pumpkin Show Announcer Trustee

  • Kim was in the Little Miss parade in 1974 (and our Ned Schreiner was her photographer!)
  • Kim started announcing parades in 1997 with her brother-in-law, Mike Logan
  • 7 stages including the Information booth, but not including CGTV
  • 31 volunteers comprise the committee
  • What was the year of the first parade at the Circleville Pumpkin Show, and what was the name of the parade? 1908 & the Floral Parade
  • Kim donated the quiz winnings for Sock-tober!


In appreciation for the speaker today, a donation will be made to the Foster Care Program of Pickaway County through Jobs and Family Services