Bob and Jo Liggett raised a big’in!

Senior Advisor Bob McCrady, Daryl Wolfe and President Spangler with a record profit. Now, to serve the community.

Program Chair, Bob Foster, with Gerhard Maroscher and President Spangler.


Marie Nemes-Crawford, Editor

November Calendar – Don McIlroy, Program Chair

Nov 2: Don McIlroy – Fire/Police department updates

Nov 9: Terry Rataiczak – District Rotary International Foundation Chair

Nov 13: * Bonus Soup Kitchen – 3:00pm cooking begins with Bob McCrady and his hat

Nov 16: July Baker – PATH a Health Organization in Circleville

Nov 23: Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 27: * Soup Kitchen

Nov 30: Pete Hardinger – UFO in Pickaway County

December Calendar – Carly Neff, Program Chair

Dec 7th: Sixth Sense Brewery Jackson, Ohio

Dec 14th: official visit of District Governer David Uhl

Dec 25th: * No Community Kitchen – Merry Christmas

*extra event


  • Presiding:  President Warren Spangler
  • Prayer: Roger Wolfe
  • Piano: Ellery Elick
  • Song Leader:  Bob Foster – “Sing Rotarian’s” and Ohio State’s Fight song
  • Attending: (Drexel has official list)  39’ish today – Spangler, Poling, Crawford, Nemes-Crawford, D.Wolfe, McCrady, Reitano, Montgomery, Palm, Ellis, Koch, Carder, Young, Hooks, Rhoads, Droste, J.Mullins, C.Neff, Fountain, Blanton, Schreiner, Lanman, Riegel, E.Liggett, B.Liggett, Duvall, Wilson, Elick, Fouts, McNemar, Foll, Brown, McIlroy, D.Webb, Maroscher, Foster, C.Chamberlain, R.Wolfe, Mavis
  • Guests: Clint Snedegar


  • Sock-tober District competition has netted 766 pairs of socks to date. Today is your last day. Last years total was 770. Next week, Betty Wolford, Corner Closet will be here to accept the socks.
  • Big Wheel Race wrap-up with Jim Hooks: 69 kids signed up and we had over 55 ride. A lot of media coverage and a big article in the paper. Thank you to all the volunteers!
  • Pumpkin Show Booth wrap-up with Daryl Wolfe. We have cleared a record amount thanks to all your hard work. $11,150.
    • How many pieces of pumpkin pie did we sell? 2,432
    • How many gallons of ice cream did we sell? 177 gallons
    • How many 2-liter root beers – 108
    • # of credit card transactions during the week – 531 ($3,600+)
  • Gary Montgomery: Community Kitchen was Monday and we served 132 meals. Thanks to Daryl Wolfe, David & Marie Crawford, Warren Spangler, Angela Beavers, Bob Sneed, Tom Duvall, Chef Bob McCrady,  Alice Harker and baker extraordinaire Sandy Montgomery
  • Jingle Bell Tea – Dec. 10th. Call historical society for reservations 
  • Wreaths Across America – “Camp Charlotte SAR” for checks – $17 per wreath. See Gary, Tony or Rob.
  • Disaster Aid USA Trailer: Warren and Marie rode in Friday night parade with Dave Roasa, Grove City Rotary and the Zone lead for Disaster Aid USA. Also in town was Bruce Schultes from Cross Timbers Rotary in Texas, District 5790. The trailer is outfitted with over $12,000 in equipment.  Our club is listed with 13 others who contributed $500 or more. Home Depot provided a $4,300 grant for products to fill the trailer. 
  • David M. Crawford – received his Paul Harris +7
  • Mike Pelcic’s (former Rotarian) retirement party at Rhoades – Nov. 2nd 4pm-7pm

SAA: THE Fred Mavis

  • Bob Sneed is paying his birthday fine remotely
  • Wedding /Rotary anniversaries
  • Warren and Don and Stacy Young – pictures in paper
  • Ellery and Josh Ford interviewed with Scioto Post
  • Gerhard in the paper

Scholarship Drawing: Drexel was the winner of $23! The jackpot is $191 it will continue to grow.

 Program:  Gerhard Maroscher – “An American Story”

  • Born in Romania during WWII. Family lived there for 800 years.
  • Dad was a teacher and mom was a homemaker
  • Romania became Hungary in 1940
  • Beginning 1944, the war came to home while dad was fighting
  • Left on last Red Cross train to go to Vienna which took 3 weeks
  • Made it to refugee camp in Austria – sickness overtook them
  • Mother negotiated with the Nazi camp director for women to be able to cook for their children. She lived to tell Gerhard his story
  • Dad was a POW
  • 1946 reunited with all family
  • Sponsored by Christ Lutheran Church in Bexley, made it to the USA
  • Gerhard visits local schools and any organization which asks – truth from someone who lived it


In appreciation for the speaker today, a donation will be made to the Foster Care Program of Pickaway County through Jobs and Family Services