Thursday’s meeting was full of activity: Rotarian Ty Ankrom with new member Stacy Young, Maggie Simmons of PAAC and new member Michele Lanman and sponsor Jamie Fountain

Westfall represented today with Emily Smith and students Makayla Cook and Matt Mathes.

Rotarians Judy Wolford, Ty Ankrom and Danny Fouts present check to Maggie Simmons of Pickaway Addiction Action Coalition (PAAC).


Marie Nemes-Crawford, Editor

January calendar – Gary Dean, Program Chair

5th – Krista Bower – Chamber of Commerce

12th – Jeremy Joyce – Special Olympics

19th – Maggie Simmons – PAAC

26th – Erica Tucker – District Director of Solid Waste Authority

28th – * Dueling Piano’s – Sunrise Rotary fundraiser at Fairgrounds

February calendar – Ian Webb, Program Chair

2nd: Erin Edwards- Food and Drink Editor at Columbus Monthly

4th: * Rotary Foundation Gala – Hocking Hills Lodge

9th:  Erin Allsop- Big Brothers, Big Sisters

16th:  Robert Fanska- Boy Scouts

23rd:  Mikki Vinkovich-Program Manager for Child Protective Services

23rd: * After Hours at El Pedregal 5:30pm-7:00pm

March Calendar – Bob Sneed, Program Chair

2nd – Rural Urban Day

Upcoming Dates:

  • April 28-29, 2023 – * District 6690 Conference – Veteran’s Memorial
  • June 16, 2023 – Golf outing at Pickaway Country Club


  • Presiding: President David M. Crawford
  • Prayer: Norm Wilson
  • Piano Player: Ellery Elick
  • Song Leader: Jayme Fountain selected “I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover”; “ROTARY”
  • Attending: (Drexel has official list) Crawford, Nemes-Crawford, Poling, Spangler, Johnson, Rothe, Mavis, Foster, T.Tootle, McNemar, Simmons, Dean, D.Webb, Hedges, McCrady, R.Wolfe, D.Wolfe, Wilson, Elick, Fouts, McIlroy, Canfield, C.Chamberlain, Retanio, Radcliff, Sneed, Riegel, Ankrom, E.Liggett, Fountain, Wolford, Brown, Neff, B.Tootle, Justinger, Hooks, Marosher
  • Guests: Fred Mavis introduced Mike Whitten; Charlie Hedges’s wife Mollie was with us, as was Dave Horning
  • Students: from Westfall today, Emily Smith introduced Matt Mathes and Makayla Cook
  • January Birthdays: 5th-Bob Tootle; 13th-Carly Neff; 22nd-Dave Webb; 23rd-Roger Wolfe; 24th-Fred Mavis; 25th-Wayne Vickers; 28th-Bill Kramer
  • January Anniversaries: 7th-Bob Mabe

New member applicants: Michele Blanton, sponsored by Don McIlroy, has applied for membership and has been approved by the board.

New members welcomed: Michele Lanman and Stacy Young were welcomed into membership today! Thank you Jamie Fountain and Ty Ankrom for being their sponsors.

Board meeting highlights:

  • Board given midterm update on president’s 2022-23 goals
  • Discussed financials and challenges of an increase of RI and District dues in coming years.
  • Reviewed 2023-24 officer positions. Voted to assign “executive secretary” title to Drexel. In the short-term, beginning in July, David C. will assume “secretary” title to assist with computer updates and other tasks as assigned.
  • District meeting is April 28-29 at Veterans Memorial in Columbus.
  • Approved Michelle Blanton (Don McIlroy sponsor) and Mike Whitten (Fred Mavis sponsor) for membership
  • After-hours set for Feb. 23 at El Pedregal
  • Suggested Rotary host members of the new Boy Scout affiliate troop 52 at regular meetings during summer months
  • Tony Robinson has set wheels in motion for 4-Way Speech Contest. Contest is March 18 at the library
  • Voted in favor of donating $650 toward purchase of new downtown Christmas lights. Check presentation July 13th.
  • Voted in favor of $250 donation for Honor Flight Columbus. Check presentation March 16th.


  • Soup Kitchen – this coming Monday – 3:45pm at Presbyterian Church. All are welcome.

SAA: Dave Webb

  • Big event remembered next week – 45 years ago what happened Blizzard of ‘78 (a Thursday)
  • Three school districts opened in 3 state area – Circleville was local
  • What was temp night before blizzard? 40’s
  • Between 5-6am: temp dropped 21 degrees in one hour
  • 50 mph gusts
  • Greatest 24 hour snowfall on record
  • EXTRA anecdote from Fred Mavis: during the blizzard, there was one person who was working in the bank. Earl Palm drove his tractor.

Scholarship Drawing: Roger Wolfe was the winner of the drawing $18. The jackpot is $864 and it continues!!

Program: Maggie Simmons – Pickaway Addiction Action Coalition (PAAC)

  • Thanks to the work of Mollie Hedges, the insight of Tim Colburn and Ty Ankrom, PAAC was founded in 2015
  • PAAC was awarded a Federal Drug Free Communities grant in 2021 for $125,000 each year for 5 years
  • Working with school districts
  • Be the Change Youth Rally sponsored for 300 students
  • Training sessions for community – how to talk to kids about drugs, etc.
  • Drug Take Back Day (fire station, and another site is being worked on with the Sheriff office) April 20, 2023 10am-2pm
  • Deterra Distribution Bags for expired meds are back in stock
  • Goal is to create a youth coalition and town hall meetings or forums
  • Www.drugfreepickaway.com for upcoming events and information


  • In appreciation of this year’s speakers sharing their time & efforts, donations to Pickaway Pathways for Success will be made in their names.

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